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Hinduism Thats Is True Face Of Reactionary Hindus Regarding Sikhi

Jul 30, 2004
Mahakal Rakhwar Hamaro(God(Super or greter then time) is our protector)

Das intentionaly wrote this so that let basher of Dasham Guru Darbar and Sarbloh Guru Darbar know that one who consider them as per gurmat are not agent of RSS(anyway das still goes to Shakha and das agrees to it yet when it comes to faith Sikh is first acccunatable to Akal)

Das got this stuff from DR Khalsa Ji,Das also request him to post it on the behalf of Das at other two sites which he and das share(if he wants)

Link is given below.


Fact comes here is that there are many hindus who say that God does not exist and Vedas are books of athism and Nastikta or athism is true.Such thing can be expected from a creed called hinduism,itself based on secular matterealism concept of a race or nation.

So as to negitive and defensive mentalities moon is appeared not as source of refletced light in night but as an object with a blot.So glass in half empty for them.

Had das not been bothered by own 'Sikhs' trying to paint Dasham Granth or Sarbloh Granth as anti Sikh then das would have surly devoted more time to brake neck of hindutva.

The religion of the Sikhs was founded by one called Guru Nanak (see sect of Guru Nanak) in the state of Punjab, in northern India, about five hundred years ago. He was born in 1469 to a simple Hindu family.
Das only want to say that for personal cult worshipper of Dayananda or Charwak,Sikhs are also been mistaken to realted to human called Guru Nanak by the writer.Sikhs are related by Akal(eternal God).Here writeris forgeting the verses of many people born before Gurudev included in Adi Guru Darbar.Gurmat supports the salvation by will of God and not by deed.Had falsehood of evil not in force then Guru Nanak may nothave born.Main reason for birth was to restore Dhram(Right way of life).

He refuted idol-worship of Hindus and despised the tyranny of the Muslim invaders and so it is claimed that he saved many Hindus from converting to Islam by the founding the Sikh religion.
What about tyranny of hindus towards own lower caste?Read Gurmat clearly first.Claim of preventing hindus from embracing Islam is made by hindus and not by Sikhs,Better ask them.In Fact many Sikhs and Muslims alike claim that Guru was preaching true Islam(Das too agree to it)

The aim of Nanak was good one. In those days anyone with even a little knowledge of Sanskrit would have been considered a learned man. Since all hymns (Satotras) were done in Sanskrit, it is possible that he was revered for it rather than preaching in his own Punjabi language which would not have brought him such popularity.
So there were many hindu Bhagats as well as Muslims peers who used non Sanskrit.Main aim is to give knowledge,The way writer preachs Darkness fabricated for vedas bynastik by writer.

During the Guru's life time he had praise for the Vedic teachings but he also reviled it and censured it in his book the Grantha. In anticipation, he denounced the Vedas here and there, in case anyone should ask him the meaning of a Vedic mantra.
Das find that Satyarth Prakash of Dayanand Ji also has the same. By the way niether Dayanand Ji nor this writer was there at that time but YES many such Brahmanical 'schoolars' like dayananda or this writer were there but non could defeat Guru.Had they been succesfull then Sikhismmay not be a great force today.Das is sure that if any one understand who is God.Then Vedas or Kateebs are understood as they are made to let us understand God. What he denouced was rigidity in interpetation of vedas.As Vedas were created by Akal so Veda does not govern Akal(God) but God creates themand destroy them,.Had God not wanted then Gurmat may not have created.Das challenges any of Athisits to prove that vedas do not preach spritualism or they preach that God is bound by them ,Then should must they majke comment on his Guru. Here a former hindu is challenaging them. Is not the above thing self contradictory.Wrtier must say which views does we supports Gurus praising Vedas or 'censering' as Allaged by writer.So if a person who can censor can not he reply upon the misinterpetaion of Vedas.
He supposedly disappeared while swimming in the river Bain, claiming he was in Holy communion with the Lord God who revealed Himself to him. He then uttered what is now enshrined in the Sikh Holy Scriptures: -
Weather he went to meet God in Heavan(as often hindus like Arya Samajis say) that God is not in all(Veda Say God is in all so does Gurmat).So while bathing or while eating any true khalsa can see God in front of him.What does Vedas say(Yajur Veda 32/8).But one without faith in God may not understand God in Vedas also.
"There is but One God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator, He fears none, He is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now." Japji.
Was this really the Sikh's God revelation five hundred years ago? Did this God forget to reveal this message in the beginning so that all in His Creation could have benefited from it? It is difficult to believe that the God of Truth hid this truth from millions of souls before Nanak. There is really no contradiction to the above Vedic prayer but to restrict its revelation to Nanak's time is highly erroneous.
Well God kept on preaching this since world was made not only by Veda but by holy Bible and Holy Kuran as well.But people like writer kept on misinterpreting Vedas and kept on writing wrong books which debared majority of human beings to learn Vedas or Sanskrit.So did God made Bible but evil made it to interpret wrongly. So did Quran came.But many of his follower forgot to preach it the way Holy Prophet told and used sword so anta gonism to this holy book was there.So does Sabad Guru was started by God(Thats what Vachitar Natak Says) .By the way when Kuran misintepretters were forcing themselves on your mother what were you doing.Still in your very own India ,in Kashmeer,In West Bengal ,in bihar,No hindu lady is safe.What your vedas are doing.What about fate of hindus in Sindh or Bangladesh or Fiji. God did kept on sending light to humans but people like writer blocked it.But After Gurmat God is on earth in the form of incarnation called Khalsa.Khalsa the speacial form of Tenth Guru,Till the world last will keep on giving the light to the universe.This avatar will eliminate darkness.So does part of Khalsa Das is givining you light.
On a visit to Kurukshetra in Haryana, Guru Nanak had a meat dish prepared for him, which offended the Hindus. He responded to their anger, saying:-

"Only fools argue whether to eat meat or not. They don't understand truth nor do they meditate on it. Who can define what is meat and what is plant? Who knows where the sin lies being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?" Malhar

Surely, if this great originator of Sikhism, who had the most esteem privilege to come face to face with God, did not know where the sin lies, who else would know? This shows very clearly that he was a fake or his followers made him to be such. What disciple of a true God would not know how to define what is meat and what is plant?
First of all when Das says how good is sun today,This may means that sun is realy very God today. Only Sikhs know real message Purush Sutra(Rig Veda 10.90.12,Yajur Veda 31.11) You misinterpret that from head Brahmin came,Arms Kshtriya,thighs Vaishyas and feet Sudras.So does Vedic God has a Body(Das wants to tell us that in Sarbloh Guru Darbar by Tenth Guru real explanation of Purush Sutra is there). But one,Who keeps eye close can do misinterpetaion.Das with due apology to Akal is doing two misinterpetaion of Veda so that writer may feel the pain as Das is feeling. love each other as cow loves her new born calf(Atharva Vedas 3/30/1) Does it mean that should we start to lik each others body? or should we let each other feed on our nipples(Thats what happens with the cow and calf) What is good,we may enjoy(Rig Veda1/89/8) So Rigveda does not have the clue. Answer is that like writer Das has only given part of it. So complet verse of Adi Guru Darbar from which this guy has taken verses are given,There also Guru is asking quiestion to hindus or Brahmanical guys about does there any differnce between vegitable and animal(as both have equal God in them so no differnece).Das is giving other parts of the verse.

mÚ 1 ] (1289-15)
mehlaa 1.
First Mehl:

mwsu mwsu kir mUrKu JgVy igAwnu iDAwnu nhI jwxY ] (1289-15, mlwr, mÚ 1)
maas maas kar moorakh jhagrhay gi-aan Dhi-aan nahee jaanai.
The fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom.

kauxu mwsu kauxu swgu khwvY iksu mih pwp smwxy ] (1289-16, mlwr, mÚ 1)
ka-un maas ka-un saag kahaavai kis meh paap samaanay.
What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables? What leads to sin?

gYNfw mwir hom jg kIey dyviqAw kI bwxy ] (1289-17, mlwr, mÚ 1)
gaiNdaa maar hom jag kee-ay dayviti-aa kee baanay.
It was the habit of the gods to kill the rhinoceros, and make a feast of the burnt offering.

mwsu Coif bYis nku pkVih rwqI mwxs Kwxy ] (1289-17, mlwr, mÚ 1)
maas chhod bais nak pakrheh raatee maanas khaanay.
Those who renounce meat, and hold their noses when sitting near it, devour men at night.

PVu kir lokW no idKlwvih igAwnu iDAwnu nhI sUJY ] (1289-17, mlwr, mÚ 1)
farh kar lokaaN no dikhlaavahi gi-aan Dhi-aan nahee soojhai.
They practice hypocrisy, and make a show before other people, but they do not understand anything about meditation or spiritual wisdom.

nwnk AMDy isau ikAw khIAY khY n kihAw bUJY ] (1289-18, mlwr, mÚ 1)
naanak anDhay si-o ki-aa kahee-ai kahai na kahi-aa boojhai.
O Nanak, what can be said to the blind people? They cannot answer, or even understand what is said.

AMDw soie ij AMDu kmwvY iqsu irdY is locn nwhI ] (1289-19, mlwr, mÚ 1)
anDhaa so-ay je anDh kamaavai tis ridai se lochan naahee.
They alone are blind, who act blindly. They have no eyes in their hearts.

mwq ipqw kI rkqu inpMny mCI mwsu n KWhI ] (1289-19, mlwr, mÚ 1)
maat pitaa kee rakat nipannay machhee maas na khaaNhee.
They are produced from the blood of their mothers and fathers, but they do not eat fish or meat.

In here was not Gurudev telling about history of Yaganas,There are many kinds of Yagnas of Vedic time,Ashwamedh(killing of horse),Narmedh(human sacrifise) and Gomedh(Cow Sacrifise),In Dasham Guru Darbar,Ram Avtar after return from forest to Ayodhya Lav Kush are told doing Yagna of cow sacfrise.

In one verse of Veda God is termed Indra,And then in anothwer verse indra is eating beef.Does God eats beef ?(Khalsa can answer but this writer may not be able to answer).

God isniether Sikh nor hindu but God can nver be nastik.(can any entity which is all power full may not have faith in self.

In Nanak's time the state of Punjab, was altogether destitute of the Sanskrit learning
Why did this happen if at all this happens.If it would have happened than it would have been shame full for hindus.So this means that at that time there were Brahmin well versed in Sanskrit left in Jammu or Himachal or Kurkshetra(all part of old Punjab),This means all Brahmins of that area with there learning are false or sons of Malechchhas(infedals).And what about Kashmiri Brahmins,What about Mohyals,They never went to Benaras nor they passed Punjab enroute.And in fact large amount of Sanskrit is written in Bhasha form in Adi Guru Darbar and still more in Dasham Guru Darbar and Sarbloh Guru Darbar.So Nath Yogis were not there either.Has writer read Sutra of Brithhari ?Gurmat dislodge Nath yogis often well versed of Sanskrit,Half went to hill rest to Rajsthan remaining became Sikh.

and was at that time suffering under the tyranny of Muslim rule. He did prevent many from converting to Islam.
This writer says and not the official stance of Sikhism.First Sikh with uncut hairs was Bhai Mardana and second Sikh was Rai Bular,They are still Muslims.The legend say that Guru even told hindu Seth(trader) let his son be converted to Islam as he promised to peer Hamza Ghaus of Sialkot but being hindu later backtracked and sheikh told that he will destroy the Sialkot.Why could such happen in Bengal or Gujrat or Sindh or Andhra because people were still hindus there.

But strange as it may sound, neither did he amass a large gathering of followers nor did Sikhism flourish much during his life time.
Such things may look very good to ingnorent hindu.Did any of the Sikh Guru went to Arabia or does any one went to tibbet(Lamas call him Nanak Lama).Das has even met Shri Lanken who claim to follow Guru Nanak.Das is again repeating that there is cult of sipleeds ,who are muslim in apperance and are found in Baghdad are and some could be found in Rub al Khali (quater the empty in Arebic) .Das will give detail report if given chance to visit Baghdad.But if Nanak Panthis (hindu following Guru Nanak)and Nanak Shahi(Muslim doing the same) are taken togather,they are more in number then Sikhs like Das.Guru Preached Muslims to follow true Islam and Hindus to follow Sanatan Dharam.Those who followed as per him are respectively are Nanak Shahi and Nanak Panthis but those who wanted to be like him became Gursikh(Sikhs(follower) enjoying the status of Guru).

This proves that in his life time,Even one muslim also say that he made more people to follow Faith then any of his predeccesor.Infact much more then Arya Samajis made by Dayanand.

But it is the norm, as it has occurred all throughout the ages in all the doctrines, that the ignorant made Saints and Martyrs of their teachers after they are dead.
Such thing happens more in hinduism.And do not mistake us for that example as follow

Dayanand Ji,Gandhi Ji,Indira Ji etc. etc.

Swami Naryana,Idol of sai Baba etc. etc.

Such ignorence is the mark of hinduism.Swami Shrdhanadna,Swami Hansraj Ji but such things are short lived due to false hood.Rama,Krishna had Truth,So did Jesus and Rasool Muhamud(PBUH).So were our Gurus.As much they were allowed by God to preach did preach.

The fault of establishing this new sect is not to be borne by Nanak alone. It was his followers who wanted to benefit materially and take advantage of the ignorance that prevailed then.
So it is agrred that ignoreance was there and 'followers' of Guru were at better position.It is still there.Yes they took advantage of ignorece the same way does advantage is taken by light of darkness.

Even his corpse disappeared over night to fool the mass that he merged with the eternal light of the Creator.
In Vedas a human can come out of head of God as Brahmin then why can not does Guru merge with God with Body,God make rules and every thing is possilbe.(atherva Veda5/11/3)(Rig Veda 1/25/10),In Fact there were many a Brahmanical fools who wrote symbolic thing with miracle,which our faith does not agree.

One verse of Veda say that sun rays remove ailment Ya if it is ture then why are we trying to find cure of AIDs all of our AIDS patients be put under the sun.(Sam Veda 397)Das here wants to say das being follower of Guru Nanak has corrrect interpetation of all the verses given by him but writer may not have it.As Veda are voice of Akal and only those who have faith in Akal can understand it.(Dayanand 's Satyarth Prakash itself is anti Vedic like writers accusition is anti Vedic)

It is claimed that both the Hindus and the Muslims revered Nanak and at his death Hindus wanted him cremated and the Muslims wanted him buried. It is strange that his own followers had no interest in his dead body.
This prove the point,Sikhs are not concerned with person or dead body of any one.But hindus and muslims may.For Sikhs Akal(God) and Sabad Guru thus matters.So if Hindus or Muslims have to have it there should be no problem for Nirlipt(Detached) Sikh as far as dead body is concerned.By the way in Kartarpur of Pakistan there is both Samdh and Mazar.May be Ashes of Guru were didived or cloath.

After his death many sects within Sikhism began to emerge, beginning with his son who headed the Udasees, the Nirmalas with Ram Das and so on.
In Hinduismsects like Arya Samaj,Vaishnav,Shaiv etc. etc. exit.What did puranic(as you say) did to vedic Dayananda in Benras is known to Das.Blackening of his face. In Bihar secternalism is rot cause of caste as Yadavs have krishna god Rajpoots the Rama.In Vedic Arya Samaj bikeering of Jaats and Brahmins have cause total route in Aryana.People like writershave turned atheisits. Sikhism does not recagonioses sects. We have orders.

Like regiment is the part of army so are sects part of Panth.Like Army service corps in Indian Army is speacialised part of Indian Army.So are Udasis.Udasis are preachers as well as recuriters as well as intelligence operators.They kept an eye on the move of yogis and did succed to convert many into Sikhs fold recent one is Swami Nityanand,Neel Garhi,Rishikesh.Yoga is a pure scince,Yogis at latter stage started misuse power for personal gain,while it was needed to protect Dhram.So Udasi came into being.Had there been any truoble with them then why did Fifth and Sixth Master respected Baba ShriChand Ji and why Baba Gurditta became thier preachers.

Yes there were Arya Samajis who incited Udasi Mahants to Go against Sikhs during Gurudwara reform movement.And God did punish one of such evil doer Lala Lajpat Rai who died of stick wounds.Das is from Shater Vidiya Akhara.Such wounds are something commen for him.why then Lala Ji Died of lathi.So to let yoga be used in positive way and acent form of knowledge good for world does not die thus Udasis were formed.

Nirmalas were formed byTenth Guru not Fourth,This shows the level of knowledge enjoyed by writer.At last leg das will tell what Nirmalas do.
As the successors to the Sikh dynasty grew they were all incorporated into their sacred book, the Guru Grantha. However, the many various treatises were fictitious stories invented to arrogate themselves Divine privileges and some of these falsehoods were taken from the Hindu Puranas and acting on the precept "Man versed in Divine Knowledge is himself God."
Again trhis is false as many Hindu and Muslims even before First master is in Adi Guru Darbar.Three of Gurus did not made Bani to be included.

Regarding Vedas Atherv Veda 14/2/71 Man tells wife I am heaven and thou art earth.Is this a fiction or asymbolism ? tell Das.There are many other such thing which could be misinterpreted in Vedas.Das only repeats that yes many Purans has false interpetationj like writer may be doing of Vedas.Gurudevs produced its write useworthiness.

Yes the one devoid of Faith in God may find oneself as God so such self idealogy is tryed to be imposed one others.Tenth Nanak openly State anyone caling him as God willgo to hell.None of Gurus told to follow them but to follow God.All is fasle without God.Vedas are no exceptions,Without God Gurmat may not exist.

Preception is of writer and he is trying to think that Sikhs think like him.Its his ailment.

By the way we have the oldest copies of most of the version of Adi Guru Darbar,Can das be shown the oldest version of Vedas.Das here wants to inform that hindus have been removing pro Sikh texts from Gita(14th Chaptors) as well Patanjali Yoga Sutra so that hindu may not become Sikhs.Pigeon can close eye but cat does catch.Just closing eyes from truth leads to false hood.Athesim as written by ex hindu writer like this one is one of the result of that.

Guru Gobind Singh the tenth and last of the Sikh Gurus was indeed the bravest among all the followers of Nanak.
This means First Nanak facing Babber or Fifth Nanak sitting on hot Iron and Wars of Six Nanak this person does not know nor does he aknoledge the sacrifise made by Ninth Nanak.(Both Hindutva and Kala Afghana group share this thing what das has been told.For Hindutva people Das can say only reactionaries among them think over it.Das is not aware about the stance taken by Kala Afghana group.
The oppression of his people by the Muslims, which continued until his time, left him no choice but to take revenge. He had neither the men nor the weapons necessary to go to war with the Muslim tyrants who were at the zenith of their power in the Punjab.
Had he been Hindu he would have run away or commited suicide as Hari Raj Chauhan Did.By the way who talks of revenge,who has still inferrority complex in Self. Does writer Wants to say that Sikhs are revengefull.Then does he want to say that Sikhs must blast Kanchi Math to avenge operation bluestar.

Sixth Guru Pardonned the Janhangeer,responsible for his fathers martyerdom.Guru was hated more by Hindus for his anti idolatory stance,For Anti Caste stance,Majority of his Wars were against Hindus from hills.Be it Bhangani or be it other.Only when he tryed help his age old hindu rivals in battle of Nadaun that Moghuls bwecame after him.Who helped them,The very same hindus he attempted to help.He had everything more then sufficent as far as Man or other resource because he had a Braod minded idealogy called Gurmat.In Vietnam War it was idealogyover techniques and number.Had he wanted by his time there very many powerfull Hindu and Muslims converted to Sikhism.He would have overthrown moghuls.But he had an ideaolgy of Sikh tonot pick sword till drieven to wall.

Try to resove mater with peice first.Even during taimoor invasion had hindus onlythrwon themselves over army of turk,it would have been trampled upon.Gurus since Sixth Master had Trained Army and good ARMs.War is not won by number but by motivation and technique(Shivaji Raje could be another best example).
The susceptibleness of the followers of Nanak afforded him a strategy. He told them that the Goddess had given him a sword and a blessing saying
For Sikh sword is devi.Guru 's Grand Father had a Sikh who cut the nose of devis idol to let hindus know that idol is useless.so did Guru repeated same Drama for let bliend Hindus understand true Devi Bhagwati is swaord.

see the link below


, "Go forth and fight against the Mohammedans (Muslim). You shall win." It worked and gained many supporters from amongst the people even Hindus.
So again when Sikhs were heavy on Moghul oppressors,Very same reactionary hindus(like writer) who were opposing the faith, like jackal ,came to the doors of Guru,
Just to have there pound of flesh,So that they may get somehigh position.They can only think more like this.Why did Devi worshipping Rajputs kept on attacking Guru thenmore then Muslims.why Did not 'devi' prevented Sikhs to kill her worshippers.Guru Broke Caste and Idols so did deprived section of Hindu exploited by Thekedars(brokers) of Vedic knowldge(Hindus were explotiing hindus more then muslims and this thing is still on,He have such Kesdhari Hindus in SGPC also who are caste based). Joined him.Why the same devi who blessed the tolerant Akbar at Jwala Ji or Later on Sirjudullah another muslim king ofBengal,Will tell to kill Muslims.Is not Devi a mother of human race not hindus alone and Muslims and Christians are human to.For Sikhs they are brother as Hindus are.
(Das here Wants to quote Dasham Guru Darbar,Terms there used are Turks,Sayyads,Pathans etc,Tribe or Caste based.Anyone who is with tribe or caste can never be a Muslim but a hypocrate,That person is an outsider invader.So Muslims were one with Gurus but Brahmanical or Castist 'Muslims' were on his target.By That time like it is happening to Sikhs at present Muslims were also becoming Brahmanical due to Brahmanical influence.

King Aurangzeb could be one of them,Like often in secternal feuds Brahmin tend to kill the opposer so did he killed Hazrat Sarmad Rahmat ul Alleh.
He appointed five articles (kakars) beginning with the letter "K" as the signs of his faith which became very useful in the battle.
Kesha - long unshaven hair, this protects the head, to some extent, against blows from sticks and sword thrusts.

Kangan - a big iron ring worn by akalees on their turbans. Kara - an iron bangle worn on the wrist which helps to protect the wrist and the head.

Kacha - a kind of knicker use in running and jumping, very commonly used by wrestlers and acrobats for the same purpose. It protects the most vital parts of the body as well as makes the movements free.

Karda - a double-edged knife useful in hand to hand combat with the enemy.

Khanga - a comb for dressing the hair.
Das wants to put a thing here what is the use of Kachchhera in Battle,Did not Hanuman was more then sufficient with Langoot(Pantee) in Battle.What is the use of Kangha in WAR.

This writer seem to have some relation with Drama Troop.He write Karra as Kangan,Kangan is glass bangle wron by Hindu bride.May be other male are also wearing them so such writer is born.

Kes(Hairs)-Of All the Body Part not only head as shaving(Hazamat) is Haram(forbiddan).First use to show that faith is as extrovert as intrvert.What deos is preached is done.Nirmalas(Sau Sakhi out of Panj Sau Sakhi(Not the one by Bhai RamKaur Gurbax Singh) say Adi Hindu(Forefathers of hindus) had uncut hairs.Just to humiliate then Nanada,the budhist king removed there hairs.To appease Budhist ruler they made it a mandatory habit.Today even removal of hairs show sorrow orBhadri Karan(remvoal of hairs on death in family).This is mark of sovergnity and freedom in expression of Faith.

Spritually it show that like from one head all hairs are out so all creation from Akal

Karrah-To let be thye part of uniform,let it be shown before Hand using it act so that Hand works as perfaith.Nastik may not understand and may act in explotiory way as doen in USSR or China.

It also symbolisies unending God.It is like o of Ek Oankar.God is unending as circle is the never to end.And infinite angles(forms) but no single angle(Form).

Kachchcha-To maintain high morality,East Europian athesist were known rapist during comunist rule.

It is the symbol of like two holes converging in one bigger one so one Day Creation and Creator will have one from in appreance also(it is true at present but may not visible but at time of Akhrath(contraction of form back into Self) This may be doen again.

Kangha-To remove dead hairs.It symbolises the control of Akal on various form coming out of Akal.

Kirpan-He write Karad. Kirpan is made up of Kirpa(Mercy)+ Pan(Hand).This is the Hand of mercy of Akal Given Akals incarnation called Khalsa to protect weak.Due to such specimens like thai writer hindus are weak and need our help.It is our duty to help weak.It is natural that due to this logic that we will be helping weak hindus due to self imposed weakness.

Das wants to ask him be it freedom struggle or be in Armed foreces of free India.Till now people with 5ks have been the best than without 5ks.In problem to India or Hindus people like this writer will run away in Himalaya or Indian ocean.Only Sikhs will be protecting them inspite of the fact that one of there offspring is attacking and humiliating them.Thats make Sikhism great,And so das shunned hinduism and tells other Hindus to join Sikhism.

Guru Gobind Singh, through his wisdom, started the practice of wearing these five articles. They were useful in battle in his time, but they are of no use at the present time.
So does this guy has taken part in any battle of present time.Oreven anti Muslim riot where hindus are equal to the number of muslims.Das want to add that in eastern india if hindu has sword the hindu will be arrested but in case of Sikh no one can dare touch.

Das can ask Veda were of old time no relavense at present.Das know Vedas have relvaense so are five Ks.They are uniform of Saint Soldiers.So due to 5ks,no plunder (Karra Prevent it)or molestation of female(Kachchhera prevnts it) is there in record for Sikh Soldiers carrying them.Same can not be said for others. To win the battle human right records,good relation with local are must.Sikhs are often sucessfull then others.Often mind may want to Go to Brothal but Face is like Guru so nowrong is done.
It is rather strange, that these things have now become religious symbols in the religion of the Sikhs.
das has given the answer
Although they refute idolatry, they worship the Grantha even more than idols and place considerable religious significance on the five articles.
It is symbolic more is to tellthat wego by bookand are not hypocrate.
Prostrating to a book (Grantha) incurs the action as the Hindus to an idol. They both make a big show of it in their highly beautified temples to teach others to do the same and receive gifts. The followers of the Grantha do not show the same amount of respect for the Vedas as the Puranics (Hindus) do. Of course, they can justify it by saying that it was never taught to them.
Writer is not aware of actual work of Nirmalas or Taksali.Das is from former.We know Veads beter then hindus and follow then better also ans practically.It is onlythat Pagan ritual from hinduism and Hindu devotees inSikh Gurudwara worship book.We worship words by following them.Our Worship is to serve our God who is is in all,So we are not prejudice towards anyone like writer is towards Muslims or Christians.We worship wholemankind by serving it.


Sep 16, 2004
Dear Vijaydeep

Thanks a lot for your detailed respose

May Akal bless you more and you always be in chardikala

Jatinder Singh
Jul 30, 2004
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sorry that last night Das could not complelte it as cyber cafe was to be closed.So does das completes it.

Regarding fact that sanskrit or Vedas are the best,As all are creation of Akal so creatoris perfect and no creation.In fact in mediveal period,There was a hatered towrad Arebic and Farsi while Muslims invader learnd Sankrit to find weakness in Hindus.They even used it to preach Islam,Trend is still on.So Same was doen in Punjab and Sanskrit was there.

Coming to Arya Samaj and its new form of Athesism.Logically they were Zero.So did they use slander for All others.Maybe Pakistan was a result of there bigotary.If Sanatan Dharama.Which preaches to walk with all been encouraged then it is capable to make world as one nation.

Before coming of Arya Samaj There were no Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab.Only After its advent trouble statarted.Whenever there is an attempt for unity,Thier uterneces vitiate atmosphere.They were main culprit to make Anti Nirankari stir as Anti India(There press Painted it as Such).

Coming for Idelogy,Painting Vedas as only sceintific and secular and anti God is anti Vedic,Satyarth Prakash has roots of it.As per them Five elements are eternal(all know that they are not as all are realtive,made tochange form so can be crated or destroyed.) Like passing elecritcity via water makes Hydogen 2 and oxygen and in Gas form so how water is eternal(Das can prove the same for others).

So in present time Arya Samaj can be nothing more then tribal faith of Pagans.So to give old syrup in new bottle(Das would have written wine:eek:ohyeah: ),The new cult regarding no Belife in God via Veda is made.This is the influence of Matterealism.For them God is only a fear factor to let us do moral work and nothing more. So God is false.In Fact Bhagat Singh type of communst were at one point of time were like that.These forget to know that God is power,Which help us in impossible situations.

Say people like them may commit suicide in adverse condition but Sikh with faith in God will overcome difficulty.So God is strenght.

By the way can they explain Why does body function?Why does earth revlove around the sun etc. etc..They can only describe how,They can just give the detail of procedure but not the force doing it.

Das there by tells by Dasham Guru Darbar.Matter,Which Makes time and space is made by undestructable energy(amit auj(Jap Sahib)).That energy is in all.That energy,Neither created nor destroyed does or make other to do things.The will of that intelligent(As it only makes intelligence of mind/or living system of animal or plant or miroebes) Energy make thing to happen as Energy wants it.Why does it want,That energy knows only.Or one who is at the stage of realisation of energy(Brahm Gyan).

Das can say the reason for enregy doing it is like a lone person trying to enjoy doing something with body parts of self to come out of boring state.Say if we eat something and have plaesure it is not we we we are having pleasure but God(Energy in us)as God is Sarbang Bhukta(omni consumer).

Coming on the issue of Idols and Puran.As A Sikh we agree that an Idol Wroshipper or Puran follower can attain salvation.As Salvation is in the Hand of God.We can see God in All and we can unite the mankind.But the guys like the writer who is condemming all may create rift in all Faiths(all are of God as God makes all).God created Khalsa to take care of such evil.

In the 405th Triya Charitar(Das has had recent visit to Takhat Patna Sahib,Where one of the 4 oldest copies of Dasham Granth By Bhai Mani Singh Ji are there).There Mahakal(Super to time eliminator of time ie energy making matter,which changes the form so does it becomes time due to change if no change then no time) makes many powerfull demons so that Mahakal may have pleasure to have a fight with power full foes.They have no chance to win but are medium of entertainment for Mahakal.

So such hindutva people are of no power in spritual arena either but are created by Akal to entertain Incarntion(Avtar) of Akal in evil Era(Kaliyuga),who is Khalsa.Khalsa is one with Akal and The energy if Akal wants can be withrawen from the body of people like writer.And body of such person can go Back to five elements.BUT thing is if there is no evil then there will be no value for good.Evil is good as it tells us the goodness of Good.So evil is detailed in Dasham Granth more then in Bade Baba Ji(Adi Guru Darbar).Das is not talking the miracle here like some of the illogical Sikhs brother tend to use just to cover the logic.Using the terms gupt Sikh or Saheed Sikhs.Even if they exist then also they work under Akal and Mahakal Akal Prahbraham Does all.It is called Purush in Veda,And in Rig Veda it is said Purush Evda Sarvada(God in All).

Sikhs say the same.Just to let Vedic knowledge go to all human so does Vedanta as any attack of Jehadis on Benaras could have had made the true pool of knowledge over there extinct.So did Guru sent 5 Sikhs to Benaras.Nirmalas are from them.In Benaras there first place of stay still exist called Chetan Math(Das is from Chetan Kutiya order).Main motive of Gurudev was to make an intellectual force to counter the potential assault by person like writer on Sikhs in future.

Intelligence makes orbat(order of Battalian) in Army.If enemy position (in this case idealogy) is not known War is not won.So the mentality of Arya Samaji or like that of writer is understood to belioke typical reactionary pro Brahmanical.Let there be a didivde in Sikhs and Sanatan Dharama.(both are in fact same).Let non Sikhs be misguided or been made fool by making them false monster of Sikh Danger(in hindus ).So that hindus do not learn Sikhism and hate it.So that they may relay on reactionary force,whop have been exploiting them since ages.So that deprived section still rely on the same same ,who since ages been exploiting them by keeping them in Dark.They want that status que of Darkness be maintained.

To incite Sikhs so that Sikhs may react and they paint them as aggresers to hindus such guys will make fun of the intellect of Sikhs like 12 o clock or Sikhs are fool.This may make other persons feel self consious so such falasehood is off the target of Such person and let the falsehood suruvie for long.Here we must remeber that one day or the other it will die.We need to have high spirit.

Coming back to Nirmalas.They are not the sect but a sort of specail force to counter falsehood and to overcome it.To be pro active by preaching truth to the masses off the truth since ages.As from then Das again repeat the Thing.95% of hindus expect something nice from Sikhs.We can bestow the enlightenment of Gurmat to them.So utterance of person like this writer may not be taken for hatered for hindus in general.If we do this then we have fallen in trap for falsehood and its mentor like this writer in question.

At last if any Hindu read it,Das want to say that even if Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa had heard some one insulting Vedas or Purana like this writer has done by tagging them anti God.He if possible would have prosecuted this writer.In fact in rule of the Khalsa hurting the sentments of Humans or misinterpetation of holy scripture is going to be an offense.

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