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Teen Sells Virginity For 200,000 Pounds!

Jan 1, 2010
London: A Hungarian teenage girl has sold her virginity to a British buyer for 200,000 pounds, after she advertised the sale at an online auction site in a bid to fund her medical studies, a media report said.
The sale, which was originally launched on 'eBay', continued by email after the online auction giant discovered the nature of the transaction and pulled the plug, British tabloid 'The Sun' reported.
The 18-year-old girl, who identified herself only as Miss Spring, has said she is now coming to Britain. The pretty blonde dreams of going to university to become a doctor and has already qualified for a place -- but has put it on hold to help her family.
"My family has debts, we cannot afford to pay them. My mother borrowed a lot of money in Swiss Francs, and now with the credit crunch in Hungary the repayments in Hungarian forints have tripled, she couldn't pay it back.
"We faced losing our home and being on the street. I want to be able to pay back those loans - that's why I came up with the idea for this auction. It is not such a lot of money for what is on offer, considering half will vanish in tax, but it will be enough to pay of my debts and leave us clear.
"I was in contact with two final bidders – the Irish guy and the British guy. Both wanted me to come to them.
I chose the British guy. He was very sympathetic to my cause. "Both men wanted to marry me take care of me and my family. But for me this was supposed to be a one off thing. Getting married and living with someone is a challenge I am not sure I am yet ready for," she said.

Rajneesh Madhok