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Jan 31, 2006
That is an extremley good question, because as Sikhs we are not suppose to change anything about our bodies as I've learned from my parents. Yet as a teenager I've seen MANY elderly Amritari men who have the "Ik Onkar" symbol on the surface of their hands.


Jun 13, 2006
wjkk wjkf
i would like to share with you my opinion from wht i know guru ji told us not to alter out boddies in any form or way he told us that our boddies are houses for are souls and until we leave them we have 2 keep them tidy and clean because they belong to good and so guru ji told us not to alter anything to keep our hair to not have any percings or tattos anything that desecrates the body in any form.


Jun 13, 2006
I think we should remember some people may come into Sikhism at a later stage of life and may have previously had say ear piercings or tattoos. Im sure Waheguru wouldn't hold that against them (I hope not anyway!)


Jun 13, 2006
Well almost all of the Khalsa Rahit isnt in Gurbani. I think it is orally passed down information that says we shouldnt alter our form. But then some of this is very suspect, for instance, a few years ago it was common for Sikhs to say that we dont convert, its against our religion, but when you read our Guru's and Banda Singh's history, infact all the way up to the later 1700's, they were converting.


Oct 11, 2007
i got a khunda tatoo on my sholder before i was told that it was not right and if i were to go back in time i would have not had it done....cuz it may impress the girls, but not the guru lol


Sep 5, 2007
there is nothing wrong with getting a sensible tatto if you really want one. There is also nothing wrong with mark-up or jewellery.

"I rise early, O my Husband Lord, to behold Your Vision. Eye make-up, garlands of flowers, and the flavor of betel leaf, are all nothing but dust, without seeing You. ||3||" p.1094

"O my companion, I have prepared everything: make-up, garlands and betel-leaves. I have embellished myself with the sixteen decorations, and applied the mascara to my eyes. If my Husband Lord comes to my home, then I obtain everything. O Lord! Without my Husband, all these adornments are useless. ||3|| Very fortunate is she, within whose home the Husband Lord abides. She is totally adorned and decorated; she is a happy soul-bride. I sleep in peace, without anxiety; the hopes of my mind have been fulfilled." p. 1361

"O Enticing Lord, I cannot sleep; I sigh. I am adorned with necklaces, gowns, ornaments and make-up. I am sad, sad and depressed. When will You come home? ||1||Pause|| I seek the Sanctuary of the happy soul-brides; I place my head upon their feet. Unite me with my Beloved. When will He come to my home? ||1||" SGGSJ p. 830

"All my desires have been fulfilled, meeting the Lord face-to-face; I am His servant, I serve at His feet. My necklaces, hair-ties, all decorations and adornments, are in singing the Glorious Praises of the unseen, mysterious Lord. I long for loving devotion to the Lord of the Universe, and so the Messenger of Death cannot even see me." SGGSJ p929

The 16 adornments include:
1) bride hair oiled and adorned with flowers
2) paste of oil, turmeric, and gram flower is used to cream and scrub the bride's hands and arms.
3) Her forehead is embellished with a tikka or bhor ornament or with gold ornaments worn along the hairline.
4) The face is also adorned. The eyes are highlighted with kajal drawn in a wide black line around the eye. Cosmetics are used to beautify the face; the face is powdered, the cheeks are rouged, and lipstick is applied.
5) A nose ring
6) Ear rings
7) Necklaces
8) Bangles
9) Armlets
10) hands and feet covered with Mehendi designs
11) Gold rings
12) feet are adorned
13) Anklets
14) Toes are decorated
15) Waist is adorned with a gold or silver belt
16) red is the color of the bride's wedding sari. The sari may also be richly embroidered with gold threads.
Jul 27, 2006
i agree that we should not have piercings or tattoos but all our grand mothers and aunts and our mums wear earrings and nose studs but if young girl wear nose ring or two earrings then it is bad . we should teach what we follow :yes:
ProjectNaad ji, "there is nothing wrong with getting a sensible tatto if you really want one. There is also nothing wrong with mark-up or jewellery."

Thats a huge statement you are making on a Sikh site. Some white collared crime is done in the most sensible way, but it does not make it right. Also just because you want one it does not make it right.

Tattos, make-up, or Jewellery do not bring anyone closer to God, so why bother with such useless things. They only fill you with pride and attachement. Why bring them in your life and hinder yourself from the truth? These kinds of things are useless and only bring more pain in the forms of stress and depression. The mind is always wanting. It is a disease and only can be eridicated if you attach yourself to the Guru. Just some words for people to ponder over.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh


Aug 18, 2010
World citizen!
A. I don't believe there is anything directly written against or in favour of tattoos in the Sikh scriptures. Tattoos can be grouped with "extreme make-up" which the Guru calls "decorations" and I ask you to read the article Guru Granth Sahib on adornment.
The Guru tells us that "without the remembrance of the Lord, the 'sheegar' (decorations) will bring no happiness or comfort".

On the other hand, the Guru says that if one remembers the Lord all the time (ie: "within whose home the Husband Lord abides"), then he or she will be "totally adorned and decorated" by the Lord. So if you live according to the Waheguru's hukam, then you may decorate yourself as you like.
This is a quote from the above link. I find the second statement quite amusing as the decorated by the lord statement refers so spiritual understanding and a good spirit kind of adornment, not physical adornment. Physical adornments such as jewellery, tattoos, dying hair, make up etc are not considered part of the spiritual path-they are mere distractions! In the case of the tattoo, I would liken it to the big khanda's displayed in the posh cars of gangster boys trying to make a statement (except those can be removed)!!

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