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General Tattoos: State Of The Body Or Alteration?


Sep 4, 2011
MOST people get tattoos for show..and to be "coooool". Then theres other people who get tattoos that are of great signifigance to them, they get them for the reason of: perserving a message, remembering a certain event that took place, that when they look at themselves and see the tattoo, they are always reminded of it (whatever the tattoo may be). Your parents name...your family name..something that means alot to you..AN EVENT THAT HAPPENED THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE FOREVER. For instance..if I had a tattoo on my chest of something very significant and important that I do not want to forget..everytime before I get into the shower, when looking in the mirror, id see that tattoo..and remember what it was that really was. Ya feel me?

Joginder Singh Foley

Jan 26, 2008
Stoke On Trent
WJKKWJKF Sat Siri Akal

Personally i feel at best for a Sikh tatoos are a dodgy practice as they are a form of body mutilation and should be avoided. Though with converts to Sikhi this could get interesting as if someone who converts to Sikhi but has had tatoos done in their pre-Sikh days as i know personally from my own exspirence as i have several ear peiceings from my pre-Sikh days though i dont wear any ear rings in them now for a Sikh born Sikh best say no to tatoos


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