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Talking Versus Our Actions !

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 85

mÚ 1 ]
glNØI AsI cMgIAw AwcwrI burIAwh ]
mnhu kusuDw kwlIAw bwhir ictvIAwh ]
rIsw kirh iqnwVIAw jo syvih dru KVIAwh ]
nwil KsmY rqIAw mwxih suiK rlIAwh ]
hodY qwix inqwxIAw rhih inmwnxIAwh ]
nwnk jnmu skwrQw jy iqn kY sMig imlwh ]2]

ma 1 ||
gala(n)aee asee cha(n)geeaa aachaaree bureeaah ||
manahu kusudhhaa kaaleeaa baahar chittaveeaah ||
reesaa karih thinaarreeaa jo saevehi dhar kharreeaah ||
naal khasamai ratheeaa maanehi sukh raleeaah ||
hodhai thaan nithaaneeaa rehehi nimaananeeaah ||
naanak janam sakaarathhaa jae thin kai sa(n)g milaah ||2||

First Mehla:
We are good at talking, but our actions are bad.
Mentally, we are impure and black, but outwardly, we appear white.
We imitate those who stand and serve at the Lord's Door.
They are attuned to the Love of their Husband Lord, and they experience the pleasure of His Love.
They remain powerless, even while they have power; they remain humble and meek.
O Nanak, our lives become profitable if we associate with them. ||2||

source: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/Page.asp?SourceID=G&PageNo=&ShabadID=220&Format=2