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Sikh News Takht Jathedars Behind Removal Of My Dastar

Jul 10, 2006
Takht Jathedars behind removal of my Dastar
Wednesday 15th of November 2006
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Amritsar Sahib (KP) - In a exclusive interview with Panthic Weekly, Simranjit Singh Mann, President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) shared his frustration regarding the Jathedars of the Sikhs Takhts and blamed their inaction as a key reason for the removal of his dastar at both Manji Sahib in July 2nd and the attack at Kathunangal on October 25th by those loyal to the SGPC and the Badal Akali Dal.

Simranjit Singh Mann after the Kathunangal attack

He criticized the Takht Jathedars and referred to them as “paid Granthis” who ran away from their called duty. He said those Granthis and Badal had conspired against his party which is working towards the good of the Panth.

He named individuals such as Avtar Makkar (SGPC Chief), Bikramjit Majethia (brother in law of Sukhbir Badal) and Bonny Ajnala as the leading culprits who were guilty of attacking him and removing his dastar. He said while his party is working tirelessly for the sake of the Sikhs’ dastar, Badal and his gangsters were trying to remove it.

Link to Video of Kathunanagal attack

Dastar is the Sikhs’ Pride
Simranjit Singh Mann reiterated that the Sikh’s dastar was his pride and no Sikh can even think of removing it from the head of another. “Whether you’re are a Sikh, a Hindu, or a Muslim”, no one has the right to mishandle your dastar. My party workers will always respect this tradition”, he concluded. Badal and company on the other hand followed no such rules, he quipped.

"A Sikh’s dastar was his pride and no Sikh can even think of removing it from the head of another." Simranjit Singh Mann was also asked about the recent disturbance in Yuba City where some individuals reportedly tried to attack Tarna Dal Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh, and the statement by Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) senior vice-president Daljit Singh Bittu that SAD(A) would work together with Tarna Dal and other panthic organizations during his visit to Harianvelan. Hinting at the lack of communication in the senior leadership, Simranjit Singh Mann indicated that he had no knowledge about Bittu’s visit to Harianvelan. He said there was no formal communications with him on this matter as of yet. He again acknowledged that his party members would never attack another Sikh’s dastar, that was not their policy.

In conclusion, Mr. Mann requested that the Canadian government investigate India’s iniquitous role in the destruction of Kanishka Air India flight 182, especially of the intelligence agencies during the administration of Rajiv Gandhi. He hoped that Sikh organizations would unite under a common banner so self-determination of their nation could become a reality.
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(previously amarsanghera, account deactivated at t
Jun 7, 2006
all these sikh leaders were the toast of the "sikh" followers...since 1950s.... ... hehehe
this is the funniest part... majority of "fools" vote these guys into power

still they crib that indian government is treating them bad...

its time to wake up and act judiciously.. wish more youth took part in active politics instead of armed struggle and futile mouth piecing hate and bloated jaikaras


Nov 29, 2006
hahaha....so u want to be a politician...i dont think this is the aim of a sikh.. brother wht do u think tht 98% non-sikh population will make u Prime minister in India and then u'll bring khalsa raaj:p

Koi kisi ko raaj ne dehain
Jo lehain nij bal se lehain... Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji