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Legal Supreme Court Chastised Trial Court And High Court For Passing Orders Which Were Towering Fraud Play

Jan 1, 2010
SC blasts courts for meting out injustice to widow - dnaindia.com
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Supreme Court chastised trial court and High Court for passing orders which were towering fraud played upon illiterate and helpless widow
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It is a matter of great sorrow that courts now-a-days remain silent and spectators, when witnesses speak blatantly lies and lawyers used to harass witnesses. Though the judges should come to the rescue to witnesses but they don’t do like that. That is why such incident take place. It is a hard fact that the Courts are more anxious to protect the rights of accused than to victims.
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The orders that has been made by Supreme Court would have been made by the high court. Now we can say in other words that the high court judges are not considering to the points of the plaintiff and likewise the article 226 of the constitution has been made a dead letter.
In other words the delay have become another way to deny relief to the poor illiterate persons. Whether we can expect something better from the High court judges. It looks that the judges are behaving like Govt. advocates and don’t listen and consider the plight of a common man. I pray to the lawyers that if they don’t awake now then the Judicial bureaucracy will emerge in our country and the common people will not get justice.
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Rajneesh Madhok
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