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General SuperSant!


Mar 7, 2011

The SikhiToTheMax are are proud to announce the release of our SuperSant application for iPhone and iPad!

The game is based on the online version of Supersant, which is available at (Link edited by spnadmin)

Below are a few screenshots of the game.

To complete the game you have to answer 15 questions correctly about Sikhi and (if your time is fast enough!) you can upload your score to see if you've made it onto our top ten scoreboard (scores can also be sent to your facebook wall).

The game is free to download and has been designed purely for you to increase your knowledge of Sikhi.

We have tried our hardest to make sure this game is of the highest quality, however if there are any issues with the application then please email us at with the word "supersant" as the subject (this is important to make sure we get your email).


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I do not see any mention of SuperSant at the SikhiToTheMax web site. In fact each way I tried to enter the side I received a message that the page was not found "possibly because the site was too busy." I was finally able to get there using the home page url. But only after hitting Retry continually on my browser screen several times.

Which leads me to the thought -- if scores of people are trying to link to this game then the site may be experiencing a kind of Ping attack -- not nice.

Where exactly is the game on the SikhiTotheMax web site? It is not on the main page and not at any of the Tabs or home page links? Thanks.

I think I have found it and have edited your post.


Mar 7, 2011
The screen shots above are from the new iphone and ipad version of the game. The Supersant game on the main page I have edited out the main url for SikhiToTheMax to avoid overloading their site spnadmin you should be able to see the supersant game (underneath search engine and above code of conduct).

I have posted the correct link above.I will post it again

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