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Supernatural Sikhs, What Do You Think Is It True? What Is Your Opinion?


Aug 28, 2012
The actions of Baba Deep Singh Ji were directed towards wielding his sword and slashing the enemy hordes before him and when his head got severed from the body, the action remained of its continuity. Such an experience was there in West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, during 1980's. A very reliable man told me that he was wonder struck when he saw a headless man driving a scooter on road from W.Patel Nagar to South Patel Nagar. What really happened was a Sardar, driving a scooter, met with an accident with a Rickshaw loaded with a single piece of iron sheet (about 6 feet x 4 feet), which slashed his head from the neck. He continued driving headless as what he was doing before the accident was driving, which action, naturally continued, as there was no brain to direct him to apply brakes of the scooter.