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Sukhmani Sahib:The Shalok That Precedes 8th Ashtapadee: My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

Through this post, I share with you my understanding of the Shalok that precedes 8th Ashtapadee.

1. min swcw muiK swcw soie ] man saachaa mukh saachaa so-ay.
The mind is pure and truthful and so are the actions of the person.

My understanding:
It is my understanding that the mind is the soft output of our functioning brain. When the person which has dissolved its ‘I-ness’ and its brain is formatted with values, beliefs and intents that as ‘The Sat’ like, then the soft out put that comes from such brain is truthful and pure. All that the person says, thinks or does are truthful and pure.

2. Avru n pyKY eyksu ibnu koie ] avar na paykhai aykas bin ko-ay.
Such person sees only ‘The Sat’.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells that a person of such nature sees only ‘The Sat’ in entire creation. The person in itself (herself or himself) sees The Sat’ outside too it sees ‘The Sat’. ‘The Sat’ remains the basis of its existence and the same becomes the purpose behind its living. As I understand this is the state of the person Guru Sahib is referring to.

3. nwnk ieh lCx bRhm igAwnI hoie ]1] naanak ih lachhan barahm gi-aanee ho-ay. ||1||
O Nanak, these are the indications of the person who is Braham Gyani||1||

My understanding:

It is important to understand what Braham-Gyani means. This term Guru Sahib has taken from the common parlance among the spiritually evolved pure people.
Brahma as per Hindu mythology is the creator. Bhagavatam, the compilation of Ved Vyas, elaborated on Brahma. According to this elaboration, Brahama was born and will get dissolve after some time. This life time too is given in Bhagavatam. This, according to Sikhi makes Brahma part of the creation as he takes birth, lives a life and then dies. This is not the creator according to Gurbani. The ‘Karta Purakh’ does not take birth; it is beyond the clutches of time. This ‘Karta Purakh’ is the creator according to Gurbani, which I refer to as ‘The Sat’.
Thus when Guru Sahib use the term Braham-Gyani it means the person who has Gyan (intrinsic knowledge obtained through personal experience) regarding ‘The Sat’ and is not referring to the person who has the knowledge of the Hindu mythological figure ‘Brahma’ obtained through reading scripture.
In the Tuk under reference, Guru Sahib gives the indications of a Braham-Gyani. I conclude for myself that Braham-Gyani is a person whose being is such which we can call the definition of ‘Cosmic-Truth’ personified.

With this I close the post.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh



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