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Sukhmani Sahib:11th Astapadee:1st Pauri:My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

With the grace of ‘The Sat’, today, I share my understanding of the 1st Pauri of 11th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib.


1. [/FONT]krn krwvn krnY jogu ] karan karaavan karnai jog.
[/FONT]The doer and the cause behind what happens – ‘The Sat’ - is all powerful capable and competent.[/FONT]

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells us that the creator is the doer of all that happens. It is the cause of all that happens in its creation. ‘The Sat’ has all the power and ability to execute the power, which as I understand, it does through its own designed instruments that are totally and absolutely under its control.

2. jo iqsu BwvY soeI hogu ] jo tis bhaavai so-ee hog.
[/FONT]What is to the liking of ‘The Sat’ that alone will happen.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib conveys to us that ‘The Sat’ has absolute control over the instruments/agencies that deliver the impact that ‘The Sat’ wishes to deliver. There is no other power to do this and thus only that will happen which ‘The Sat’ wants.

3. iKn mih Qwip auQwpnhwrw ] kh[/FONT]in meh thaap uthaapanhaaraa.
[/FONT]In no time ‘The Sat’ creates and dissolves

My understanding:

Our life is real and true in the dimension (earthly life) in which we are living. It is as real as we think our dream to be when we are in dream state. Our present life on earth is a dream created by ‘The Sat’; this fact we realize only when we leave this dimension and reach higher dimension. From the higher dimension when we look back at our earthly life we realize the true nature of it – a dream.

In dream state, our brain creates and dissolves a series of experiences. The same way ‘The Sat’ through its instruments and agencies and cosmic forces creates and dissolve what in present life is very real to us, in no time.

4. AMqu nhI ikCu pwrwvwrw ] ant nahee kichh paaraavaaraa.
[/FONT]‘The Sat’ is not limited in any way what so ever.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib is telling us from his own experience that ‘The Sat’ absolute. ‘The Sat’ alone is; what all is, is ‘The Sat’ only. There is nothing that is independent of ‘Sat’. There is nothing that can come in the way of ‘Sat’, and thus ‘The Sat’ has no limitation. In fact there is no one other than ‘Sat’. There is no opposition to it. ‘The Sat’ is absolute and ultimate is all respect.

5. hukmy Dwir ADr rhwvY ] hukmay Dhaar aDhar rahaavai.
[/FONT]By His Order, He established the earth, and He maintains it unsupported.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells us that all that is, is because of the Hukam (order) of ‘The Sat’. The earth is created by ‘Sat’ which stays in its place without any prop. This way Guru Sahib tells us that the laws of nature owing to which the earth is in its place are instruments of ‘The Sat’ and thus subordinate to it. These natural laws and consequent forces they generate are all creation of ‘The Sat’.

6. hukmy aupjY hukim smwvY ] hukmay upjai hukam samaavai.
[/FONT]All that is, is created by the Hukam (order) of ‘The Sat’ and will dissolve and merge back into ‘The Sat’ on its Hukam.

My understanding:

All that is, is an existence which is nothing more than the wish (Hukam) of ‘The Sat’. Each entity exists for the period ‘The Sat’ wants it to exist then it dissolves and their respective essences merge into their original source i.e. ‘The Sat’.

7. hukmy aUc nIc ibauhwr ] hukmay ooch neech bi-uhaar.
[/FONT]It is the result of ‘Hukam’ that one is placed at high or low place in life.

My understanding:

The mission for which we are born in human form is ‘Hukam’ of ‘The Sat’. It is my very personal understanding that each individual’s mission has three aspects; (i) to exhaust the past bad Karmas; (ii) the evolve spiritually; and (iii) to serve as instrument of ‘The Sat’. The weighing factor of each of these three aspects is different for different individuals. With the ‘Hukam’ of ‘The Sat’, each individual is placed in an environment within which the person has to realize its mission. For this reason the person is places by ‘The Sat’ through its ‘Hukam’ in high level or in low level environment in the society. This is what I understand from this Tuk.

8. hukmy Aink rMg prkwr ] hukmay anik rang parkaar.
[/FONT]As a result of Hukam of “The Sat’ there are so many forms and colours in its creation.

My understanding:

All that is, is because of the Hukam of ‘The Sat’. There are so many forms of living and non-living entities. Even in living some we can perceive with our senses and some we cannot. There life in different forms - in sky, on land, in water, and in subsoil – the variety is enormous. Just take plants there are so many types with different flowers and way of propagating their variety. Take roses, there are so many types of this flower in so many colour and form. Even in humans there are black, white, brown and yellow. All these have their origin in the ‘Hukam’ of ‘The Sat’.

9. kir kir dyKY ApnI vifAweI ] kar kar daykhai apnee vadi-aa-ee.
[/FONT]Keep working on its creation ‘The Sat’ watching its own extra-ordinary work.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib conveys to us that that ‘The Sat’’ is all the time working for its creation and keep caring for it. As we know, new species are evolving continuously. There is a scientific opinion that says that the number of species that we have on our planet presents is more than this planet had at any time in the past – ‘The Sat’ is continuously working. After creating ‘The Sat’ never leaves it. ‘The Sat’ is always with it and keeps caring for it. Preservation of its creation is ensured by ‘The Sat.

10. nwnk sB mih rihAw smweI ]1] naanak sabh meh rahi-aa samaa-ee. ||1||
[/FONT]O Nanak, ‘The Sat’ is in each entity that it has created.

My understanding:

Each entity that is in the creation of ‘The Sat’ is a manifestation of it. Thus is natural to say that ‘The Sat’ is in it. All that is, is just the different expressions of ‘The Sat’.

With this I close the post.

With Love and Respect for all.

Amarpal Singh



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