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Sukhmani Sahib:11th Ashtapadee:6th Pauri:My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,
With the Grace of the ‘Sat’, today, I share my understanding of the 6th Pauri of 11th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib with you all.

1. kbhU inriq krY bhu Bwiq ] kabhoo nirat karai baho bhaat.
[/FONT]Sometime dance in different ways.

My understanding:
All that happens to us and around us are the acts of ‘The Sat’; it is the real doer (Karta Purakh). All worldly entities are its creation. Living entities are on a mission in this dimension (earthly life). What we are is decided by ‘Sat’, and the frame of mind too is a creation of ‘Sat’. It is ‘The Sat’ who creates the environment in which we act or dance. The cause behind all this is ‘Sat’.

2. kbhU soie rhY idnu rwiq ] kabhoo so-ay rahai din raat.
[/FONT]Sometimes, they remain asleep day and night.

My understanding:
This is another way people spend their time. Such attitude shows Tamsic tendencies in them which they have acquired in this life or have been born with it as a result of past Karmas and are born in this world with such frame of mind; it is as done by ‘Sat’.


3. [/FONT]kbhU mhw k®oD ibkrwl ] kabhoo mahaa kroDh bikraal.
[/FONT]Sometimes, they are very much angry, in terrible rage.[/FONT]

My understanding:
This is a state of person and indicates the functioning of brain. It conveys the extent of control one has over oneself and the values that drives the functioning of brain. Anger and rage burns the person, it puts human system under duress and the results in impacting adversely on their longevity. This is the result of Past Karmas.

4. kbhUM srb kI hoq rvwl ] kabahooN sarab kee hot ravaal.
[/FONT]Sometimes, they are extremely humble.

My understanding:
This attribute indicate a developed sense of humility. In this frame of mind has the functioning of brain under control, it is able to listen to the others as it is said, latter on ponder over it and accept what is truthful. This attribute makes the person acceptable to others and even to ‘Sat’.

5. kbhU hoie bhY bf rwjw ] kabhoo ho-ay bahai bad raajaa.
[/FONT]Sometimes, they placed as great kings.

My understanding:
This is the position that ‘Sat’ gives to the person from where it has to evolve to achieve the aim of being born in human form – to merge in ‘Sat’. Wealth can poison the person’s brain and degenerate the spiritual content of the person. It is said that if you want to destroy a person, give him excessive amount of wealth and the person will find himself ways of destroying one self. State of excessive wealth is also a test of ‘Sat’ and also an environment above which one has to evolve in spirituality.

6. kbhu ByKwrI nIc kw swjw ] kabahu bhaykhaaree neech kaa saajaa.
Sometimes, they wear the coat of a lowly beggar.[/FONT]

My understanding:
Living is financial difficulty is also one of the environment in which ‘Sat’ puts us to evolve. The person who is in such environment either becomes more ‘Sat’ conscious and moves closer to it or adopts not very good ways to overcome the difficult financial situation. It is a test environment created by ‘Sat’ and also an opportunity for not getting addicted to wealth.


7. [/FONT]kbhU ApkIriq mih AwvY ] kabhoo apkeerat meh aavai.
[/FONT]Sometimes, they have an evil reputation.[/FONT]

My understanding:
As I understand the ‘Mission of Life’, which is, in some measure, based on past Karmas, leads the person to be born in evil reputation; e.g. the person may be born in some criminal tribe of to a prostitute or some environment like that. This is a test environment, wherein one lives in filth and yet remains pure like the blossoming lotus and evolves spiritually to great heights; it is also an opportunity to exhaust the past Karmas.

8. kbhU Blw Blw khwvY ] kabhoo bhalaa bhalaa kahaavai.
[/FONT]Some times they are known to be very evolved and nice.

My understanding:
As I understand this too is an indication of the ‘Mission of Life’ of the individual. Such individuals have virtually no past Karmas to exhaust. They are highly evolved souls. The purpose of taking birth in human for is to help the suffering millions to get on to the spiritual path and evolve; they are referred to as Gurus.

9. ijau pRBu rwKY iqv hI rhY ] ji-o parabh raakhai tiv hee rahai.
[/FONT]As ‘Sat’ places so the person lives.

My understanding:
It is my understanding that ‘Sat’ places us in environment where we face situations that allow us to exhaust our past Karmas, grow up to the challenge and evolve spiritually and also gives us opportunity to serve the creation of ‘Sat’ and become its instrument. Collectively this constitutes what I refer to as the ‘Mission of Life’.

10. gur pRswid nwnk scu khY ]6] gur parsaad naanak sach kahai. ||6||
[/FONT]With the Grace of this what the Truth is.

My understanding:
This is the true nature of our earthly existence.

With This I close the post.
With love and respect for all.
Amarpal Singh