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Sukhmani Sahib:11th Ashtapadee:5th Pauri:My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

With the Grace of the ‘Sat’, today, I share my understanding of the 5th Pauri of 11th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib with you all.

1. ies kw blu nwhI iesu hwQ ] is kaa bal naahee is haath.
[/FONT]The created have no power in them.

My understanding:

Those who are created cannot have anything of their own; all, that they have, is what was put into them by their creator – the “Sat”. Even what they have is powered by the cosmic forces that are instruments of the “Sat” and are totally under its control. Each breath that we take is under “sat” command and control.

We live, and think our selves to be autonomous, independent entity. But when we do anything, we encounter the environment in which we live and on which depend the success or failure of our efforts. This environment is controlled by ‘Sat’. Only that effort, which is graced by ‘Sat’, succeeds in real sense.

This way all the apparent powers that we exhibit are derived from the ‘Sat’, we, the created have no power of our own.

2. krn krwvn srb ko nwQ ] karan karaavan sarab ko naath.
[/FONT]The Karta (doer) the one who gets it done i.e. the ‘Sat’ is the controller of all.

My understanding:

The functioning of our brain is dependent on the way it got formatted during our formative year and our conscious keeper the ‘Sat’ who is in us all the time. Our worldly need and tendencies ask us to follow some course of action and the ‘Sat’ within us cautions us against wrong doings. The course that we follow depends on the state of being of ourselves, i.e. to the level to which we have evolved or degraded spiritually.

Whatever course of action we embark upon, our efforts encounter the environment created by ‘Sat’ allowing it to succeed or fail. This way, ‘Sat’ effectively is the controller and Master of all of us.

3. AwigAwkwrI bpurw jIau ] aagi-aakaaree bapuraa jee-o.
[/FONT]The obedient helpless beings.

My understanding:

What is said by Guru Sahib is the truth. We feel that we are doing things. We forget that even the functioning of our brain is controlled by the environment under the command of the cosmic forces which are instrument of ‘Sat’. We are puppets which is operated by ‘Sat’,like it or not.


4. [/FONT]jo iqsu BwvY soeI Puin QIau ] jo tis bhaavai so-ee fun thee-o.
[/FONT]That which the ‘Sat’ concludes as appropriate will finally happen.[/FONT]

My understanding:

As I understand, ‘Bhaavai’ is not just likes or dislikes of ‘Sat’, as it may be the case with us. Sat is above all such attachments and its justice is absolute. Bhav is mental disposition. Here it is that of the ‘Sat’, who is always truthful. Thus the ‘Sat’ does only that is truthful. In other words one can say that only what is truthful and true alone will happen as that is the true nature of the ‘Sat’. As the ‘Sat’ has absolute control over its creation, only what is concludes in that direction only things move and ultimately the truth prevails as said by Guru Sahib in this Tuk..


5. [/FONT]kbhU aUc nIc mih bsY ] kabhoo ooch neech meh basai.
[/FONT]At time they accept that happens with happiness and sometimes with a sense of gloom.[/FONT]

My understanding:
We have a tendency that some addition takes place in our lives we get elated when there is some loss gloom and depression over takes us. This happens when we live the live of dualities; meaning that we have to evolve still. We have to evolve to a level where we treat all that happens in our lives as events and understand the message that the ‘Sat’ has packed into them.

6. kbhU sog hrK rMig hsY ] kabhoo sog harakh rang hasai.
[/FONT]At times they get saddened with what had happened and sometimes they are delighted and laugh.

My understanding:

In this Tuk too Guru Sahib has drawn our attention to the world of Dualities in which we live without realizing that dualities are caused by Maya and we have to get over them. For me each event is a message from ‘Sat’ the meaning of which I must understand to evolve further.


7. [/FONT]kbhU inMd icMd ibauhwr ] kabhoo nind chind bi-uhaar.
[/FONT]At times they indulge is slandering and sometimes become anxious.[/FONT]

My understanding:

When we do not get the end we wanted we blame others and indulge in slandering against those who in the affected person’s perception are the cause of failure (Note: slandering is a sin in Sikhi), in other case when we anticipate failure, or imagine the consequence of a failure we become anxious.

8. kbhU aUB Akws pieAwl ] kabhoo oobh akaas pa-i-aal.
[/FONT]At times they are at the highest and at other times at the lowest.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib says that the events and occurrences in our lives make us fluctuate between two extremes, sometime in a very high elated state and sometimes in deep depression. Siri Guru Granth Sahib tells us to keep equipoise no matter what happens; do not live the life of extremes. This is the teaching; this is part of Sikhi.


9. [/FONT]kbhU byqw bRhm bIcwr ] kabhoo baytaa barahm beechaar.
[/FONT]At times they enter into contemplation about the supreme.[/FONT]

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells us, in addition to the many states of functioning of brain, on occasions, individuals ponder over the supreme ‘Sat’. This exercise is encouraged in Siri Guru Granth Sahib; repeatedly Guru Sahib has asked his Sikhs to ponder over Sabad.

10. nwnk Awip imlwvxhwr ]5] naanak aap milaavanhaar. ||5||
[/FONT]O’ Nanak it is the ‘Sat’ which effects the merger of individual with itself.[/FONT]

My understanding:

Guru Sahib is leaving nothing to doubt. No one should think that it has succeeded in realizing the ‘Sat’. It is the ‘Sat’ which enables this merger where the Jot of an individual merges with the ‘Sat’ who is the Absolute ‘Jot’.

With this I close this post.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh
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