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Su-puttar, My Eldest Son (from The Sikhs R Us Blog)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
My eldest son or as they call it in India Su-puttar or the good son!

Admin note: The photo is of some fathers and sons found http://sikhism.about.com/od/sikhwomen/ig/Sikh-Fathers/.

This is about my 15 years old son whose names sounds like "Kaim Rehan" Which is made up of two words "kaim" meaning spiritually, mentally and physically fit and the word "Rehan" means "to stay or remain" and hence "Kaim Rehan Wala" or "the one that always stays in good spirit or stays fit".
Even though he doesn't go by it, I also gave him a spiritual name "Avatar" when he attended his first Khalsa youth camp in Espanola since him and his brother used to watch the show called "Avatar, the last air-bender" and the word "Avatar" also kind of equates to the word "angel" or "God Sent" and it has an important meaning in India based religions including Sikhi.

Eventhough he may be the quietest one at times, but it is amazing to see how he has come about at this stage of his life. Both my wife and I are really impressed with his level headedness, niceness, friendliness, compassion, hardwork, cleanliness, and desire to play sports and just enjoy life in general. How he balances his life among sports, friends, family and studies and not to mention chores at house. I would say he listens more to his mother since I kind of come off rude and hard on him many times but I do appreciate his taking the garbage out, keeping his room kind of clean, keeping up with his grades and enjoying life in general. Even though I don't mind being called "Manjeet" as he says it but I act like it bothers me so that he learns to show respect to elders. I think it kind of creates a friendliness but I am still the father. He has all the right to question my judgements and my decisions. Even though he is now a bigger and taller (at 6 foot 5) than me and probably will flip me over.


Anyways, I do appreciate the good things he does for others including his mother, younger brother and older sister. I enjoyed being his team's soccer coach when he was younger, enjoyed watching his Lacross games, basketball games and football. His skills are coming thru really well. I wish him a long life of all the happiness, peace, success and love in the World and may he always stay in Chardi Kala (Always stay in positive spirit) as his name implies. And, hope he continues to enjoy life as he is doing now.

by Manjit Singh
East Bay California US



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