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Stunned With Your Toddler Tantrum?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Aman Singh, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Are you surprised with your toddler tantrum? This is an event that will happen to every parent.

    You will be shocked when you face screaming, foot stomping and rolling on the floor.

    It does not mean that you have done wrong. It is not even temper. It is the temporary loss of emotional control by your toddler.

    Your response to this loss of control depends on the relationship you have with your child.

    Learn to identify the things that brought on the toddler tantrum.

    If you can identify the triggers of the toddler tantrum, you can recognize warning signs and even stop toddler tantrum before it starts.
    Tips To Handle your toddler’s tantrum:

    There are common reasons of toddler tantrum

    * One reason for toddler tantrum is over tiredness. If you see your toddler is tired, put him to sleep (Tips for getting a toddler to sleep) or provide with a quiet activity to help him to take rest. Make it a habit to have nap or rest so your toddler will not get over tired.
    * If your toddler is hungry, it is another trigger of toddler tantrum. You should give something to drink or some snacks to keep him calm. Toddlers react in a different way when they are hungry and cannot be able to express their need to food. They have smaller tummies and need food very often than adults.
    * An important and big reason for toddler tantrum is frustration. Your toddler will be frustrated when he is not getting what he wants. Help him to relieve the frustration by removing the object he wants or distracting him from the object.
    * If you remove his frustration, toddler tantrum will be stopped. Provide the toys that are suitable for your toddler. Those toys help ease stress and frustration for your toddler.
    * Another reason for toddler tantrum is fear or anxiety. You can help your toddler to ease fear and anxiety by holding and cuddling your child. Comfort your toddler and make him feel safe by removing him from fearful situation which helps him to stay calm.
    * Toddlers are often frustrated because they cannot communicate. Your toddler will not be able to explain to you that he is hungry, frustrated or afraid. You have to find what his needs are and encourage him to share what he wants. It is really frustrating if one cannot communicate their needs.
    * You have to use soothing tone of voice to avoid toddler tantrum. Touch him gently and keep yourself calm. Be patient if your toddler has to be placed in an unfamiliar environment.
    * Give warning sign to your toddler before he needs to change activities. It will give time to him to adjust to the change of schedule. Do not expect more from your toddler than he can do.

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