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Strategies For The Highest Good

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Strategies for the Highest Good

    By Jeanie Marshall


    "It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom.
    It is healthy to be reminded that
    the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err."

    Living in the consciousness of the "highest good for all" creates strength, authenticity, and joy. Doubts are minimized because you know your intention is connected with the Source.
    A Short List of Strategies
    • Trust the Highest Good is Operating. Just as you might trust that the flower in the garden has roots, trust that this principle is working. You do not pull up the flower to check the roots. As a child, you may have out of curiosity. Now that you are grown up, you trust the process of growth.

      Know that the Universe has only one response: it is yes. When you say, "I hate her," the Universe says "yes" by providing experiences of hatred — about her, others, or yourself. When you say "I love her," the Universe responds with experiences of love — about her, others, or yourself. Your beliefs and thoughts have an energy that travels; that same energy travels back to you, magnified.

    • Affirm "The Highest Good for All." You can use this expression as a spoken or written affirmation. Spoken and silent intentional affirmations help change mental programming and release emotional trauma or confusion. Written affirmations can change you at a deep cellular level.

      Take Your Hands Off. Individuals who have been successful in business find this strategy one of the hardest. In the common business paradigm, successful persons succeed because they know how to accomplish results, how to manage and control. In these days of change your must take your manipulative hands off so your higher consciousness can work. Trust the power of the highest intention always serves you, and more precisely: you and all others.

      Meditate. Regular meditators live naturally in the intention of the highest good. The purpose of meditation is to realize your higher consciousness and let go of resistance. With regular meditation, it becomes natural to act from and with high intention.
    • Reverse Roles. Role reversal is a familiar technique in skills training and therapy. The process is simple: in a conflict, imagine yourself as the other person or take that person's role. In another person's shoes you can gain a greater understanding of the person. This approach can sensitize you and make it easier to intend the highest good.
    This concept of "highest good for all" is not a fantasy. At first, it may seem impossible, making you want to argue against it. As the concept becomes familiar, you recognize its value as well as its practicality. The phrase might pop out of your mouth when you have not planned or thought consciously about saying it. As you are attempting to embody the concept, you might defend it. When you have truly embodied it, you do not need to defend it, and may feel as if you have invented it! So goes the story of consciousness lifting.

    Marshall House, Empowerment Consulting




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