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Stop Dreaming & Acting. Get To Be Real Sikhs

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
I have seen many many TV serials, which try to promote Sikhs doing Hindu karamkaands. Agreed that this is a deliberate depiction to merge Sikhism into Hinduism.

Unfortunately, Sikhs are a minority and have a divided house. They love to denigrate each other, discriminate each other and they are the worst victims of corruption, greed, falsehood, nepotism and illiteracy with the most prominent Sikh politicians exemplifying. Examples of illiteracy are our own clergy and people of Punjab - no wonder the literacy rate has gone down during the past decade!

The dictum “The pen is mightier than the sword’ is true but hopes of conceptualizing a Sikh TV channel is still fanciful and immature when compared to the other TV channels. All the Sikh journals put together are fewer in circulation than India Today or any other journal. For some unknown reasons, Sikhs do not like to read a journal or a book, even if they get free.

They like to listen to Babas telling them fairy stories and stories that are not sikhi and opposite of what the Gurus preached.

Sikhs like protests. Protest processions are easy for the Sikhs, they will wave the kirpans in the air and shout louder than the speaker, get a few beaten up by police, some will loose limbs or get killed, and another martyr is added to the list... then at the end of the day, tired out they will come home! They have done this almost all their last 50 years history, instead of using intelligence and strategy, but all one needs is a slogan, and Sikhs will jump to protest.

Akal Takht Jathedar is busy sub-serving the causes of his bosses. They perform as instructed by the politicians. And the politicians are under the command of BJP, RSS, and SS. The biggest Sikh leader had havans with Chandra Swami for his health. Another minister had Ramayana Paaths in Gurdaspur. Others do paath from the alleged "dasam" book but parts of this are turned off, read about porn charitter stories. - In the alleged dasam granth!

Funnily there is kachi bani and on opposite then must be pakki bani. ONLY the contents of the Granth sahib are bani and no other. But Sikhs made and took on two choices despite the Guru saying NO!

Sikhs should not worship Idols, but Sikhs enjoy idol worship and even pagan festivals like Lohrri, although they will pretend they do not know Mundan is followed after lohhri. Many will attend Thaipusam and pierce their ears and noses when that is really banned in Sikhi. Funny people Sikhs are! The next day these same people are committed Gurduara sewadaars or so they say!

A Punjabi Hindu once said, “Watch the morning services at Darbar Sahib! What do Sikhs do? Wash the floor with milk. They finish reciting WAK in 5 minutes but take 30 minutes to clean Rumalas and decorate AGGS.

We know that the Hindu idols are made of wood and clay. But Sikhs are now going one better and are turning to make them of gold, like golden palkis and air-conditioned rooms for sukhasan!

We realize what we are doing is wrong it is wrong, but we worship rituals with devotion, AGGS is reduced to only paper and ink. Sikhs buy most expensive clothes and hide the Guru Granth sahib, folded in multiple clothes. They usually do not read AGGS, and they understand very little of what they read or listen and they seldom follow what Gurus have said.

I was rendered speechless., when I saw multiples sittings of Guru Granth sahib, with all reading at differing speeds, but less than two of the sangat sitting and listening.

Many of us also think the Guru Granth sahib must be lonely sitting on it's own so some babadoms have started installing another false granth [alleged dasam] under pretensions of being the Granth of the Tenth Master to keep the Guru Granth company!

Many love amrit, [though they don’t really understand what amrit really is] but are afraid of the real khande bate da pahul and look to get instant bottled "amrit" by sticking bottles under the Guru Granth sahib! Even though they do not know if the bottles had contained alcohol in the past!

Someone has perhaps not told them yet that when the Akhand paath is going, they should sleep under the palki of Guru Grantrh sahib then all the body waters will be become "amrit". I just hope someone does not get the idea now.

I can give million examples, both from Punjab and Diaspora, on the other side. But the people who are tied up in tassels are bent upon cutting their own limbs by calling others as apostate, “cut-surd” and million more epithets and treat them as 4th class citizens and push them out of Sikhism.

However, they do dream of converting 40 million Sikligars, Banjaras and others from MP, AP, Maharashtra and Karnataka; and many do DREAM of establishing a Khalistan, where they claim the rule of the pure will prevail upon all fairy, while as Sikhs we cannot be fair to ourselves! WE promote caste sim and gurduaras based on caste!

Recently, I came across someone promoting the issue of khalistan but when questions were put to this person, he dutifully disappeared from the debate, while I was looking forward to see what intelligent debate would he put and convince me about his and the thousands of other mislead' dreamer-Khalistani. The problem is everybody blindly and emotionally promotes JSB, with little self-analysis of what his role and far sight was about the future of the panth in 1984.

Good luck to this dreaming wannaa-be's enjoy your dreams but please just do not repeat the mistake of JSB and put the Panth through doldrums.

One day, when the Panth arises above its own divisions, khalistan will be created without any struggle. Until then I am always very wary of these shouting louder than thou self declared khalistani subversive elements!

Gurcharan Singh Kulim
Kuala Lumpur
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Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Khalistan already exists, it is the hearts and minds of every Sikh who has made the effort to find the truth.

A mere place could not do justice to such a concept.

Harry ji,

Guru Fateh.

I could not agree with you more. The dream/concept of a physical place/region as Khalistan is against Sikhi values. It is against the teachings of SGGS, our only Guru.

Khalsa means pure hearted and it was started by Guru Nanak. It has nothing to do with the regalia.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Tejwant Singh



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