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Still Tired, But Disappointed Too

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Its been a hard week, the 14-16 hour days continued all week, including saturday, and although today is a working day, it should only be an 9 hour one.

    My wife warned me that my new friend, the christian nigerian pastor would disappoint me, and as always she was correct. He has written a book, about success and god, from what I can gather you can be very successful if you put your faith in god, seems an oxymoron to me, surely finding god would be success enough, but there have been other signs that keep ringing alarm bells, I have a pet hatred of people that lust after cars purely because they will seem more important or rich to others, a Jaguar Convertible drove by, funnily enough driven by someone that owes me money, and my friend looked at with lust, 'I would like a car like that' he remarked, why? I asked, we both knew the answer, although he would not admit it, so people think you are someone? I asked, he smiled, looked embarrassed and said 'yes', so with my friends £500 watch, his love of good shoes and clothes, his yearning for a big house, and a desire to drive a Jag, just what sort of minister is this? Ok we are all human, I have my loves of life, although I would like to think they just involve me, and not others perception of me, but the next thing I could not forgive, doing something that you can get 'away' with does not sit well with a man of god, regardless of whether you can get away with it or not, you have your own moral compass to answer to, and this man seems to care only for talking the talk, his eye is on the same things as his flock, money , success, power, ego, yes, I am disappointed.

    I sat in the garden last night again, with Dan. I always thought of Dan as my wifes dog, but he seems to be spending more time with me of late, sometimes when all the animals are in bed, I find it hard to sleep, so I decamp downstairs to a bedroom we have, and Dan always follows me downstairs and cuddles up close to me while I sleep. That day, my legs were in some pain as I had been standing all day, as I drifted of to sleep, I could feel a gentle coolness up and down my leg, Dan was licking my leg, I fell asleep like this, being mulled to sleep by creation.

    I have noticed that the harder I work, the happier I seem to be, also the less time I spend on trying to amuse myself, and my desire for aloo prontha has gone right down. This morning my wife made me a cup of tea, which was better than aloo prontha, I once asked my wife why men seemed terrified of their wives, my nigerian friend in particular is petrified of his wife, she shouts at him, argues with him, their is door slamming and much stuff like that, phew I could not live like that, my wife replied it was because their wives did everything for them. That seemed strange to me, I will admit that, I do everything pretty much for myself, and my wife does everything for herself, sometimes I cook for us both, but we tend to cook for ourselves due to my work and her work, we share the cleaning, the dog walking, I handle the money, but if my wife wants something, then she gets it, although she will always ask first to make sure we have enough, she rarely wants anything, so when she does, it makes me happy she is treating herself, I could never understand men who treat wives like children, they are individuals, people, adults, they gave us birth, I worship my wife, I am at my happiest when I feel close to her, actually just thinking of her is making me a bit misty, I have not seen much of her all week, she is also the least needy woman I have ever met, but she says that is down to the love I shower her with

    ok, its all getting a bit gushy so moving on, its time to start on the mountain of work behind me, my mother is beeping away on msn, no doubt telling me what yesterdays shopping cost and how much she saved, and how my wife cannot shop for toffee (she is right, she can't), but all in a nice motherly way, which is why I love her.
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