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State-sponsored Terrorism, Extra Judicial Killings! Is Police Above Prosecution


Feb 25, 2006
The government itself has revealed that it has been involved in human rights violations by rehabiltaion of police cats. First of all, let’s define what are police cats?

There was a war like situation in 80’s in Punjab. The police used the infilteration of their own agents into the militant movement fighting for separate homeland ‘Khalistan’. These so-called militants were assigned to terrorize the common people of Punjab. All these illegal actions were named after the renowned organizations. For the sake of upcoming elections, the government frequently used to kill the innocent people, looting and robbery, raping the women and other unlawful activities; all this was done through these police cats. After the task was over, they took measures like fake encounters and showed that those cats were dead in police counter.

Infact innocent people were used to disrupt the police record and the cats were rehabilitized by the Punjab police. The government officials and police has been denying this fact but now the letter to chief minister capt. Amrinder Singh by K.P.S. Gill (former DGP) has revealed that the police and government has been fully involved in the rehabilitation of police cats. Even the chief minister also admitted that it was government policy.

It was pre-planned scheme of government to reduce the majority of Sikhs in Punjab. Infact the Indian government has been employing these dirty tricks against Sikhs in Punjab. Apart from this recent case, the government has used police cats, political cats (like Badal, Beant Singh, Barnala etc), infilteration of Biharis into Punjab to reduce the majority of Sikhs. All this was done for the sake of success in elections and the common man of Punjab had to pay the price. Since the past 60 years, the life and property of a common man has never been safe.

The Punjab chief minister has already declined inquiry for fake deaths and encounters. The reasons is simple, the Political cats are involved in rehabilitation of police cats. The chief minister had admitted that Surjeet Singh Barnala, Parkash Singh Badal, Beant Singh and he himelf has been involved in rehabilitation of more than 2000 police cats. All these statement and figures are on the record of Punjab assembely. He wants to secure himself and rest of Political cats.

The government has proved that the police can do anything, kill anyone and after doing all this, judiciary remains silent. We demand judicial proceedings to be held and a complete inquiry from a neutral inquiry commission to investigate that who were these cats? Where they are? And who were those innocent people who were killed instead in such a large number.

The government planned to promote police and political cats to reduce the impact of the sacred movement by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. All unlawful activities were simply named after the sacred militant organizations. The organizations struggling for Khalistan has always been declining and condemning the killings and looting of innocent people. Police cats were employed to reduce the fame of Sikh organizations. The impact of these organizations was misunderstood in the world. We will raise this issue and file a petition in UNO and other human rights organization against killing of innocent people.

Infact this is a true evidence of state terrorism. Which means that the government and police has all the right to perform extra judicial activities. This is simply unlawful.

The question is that, “Is police above of all judicial process”? Doesn’t any law apply on the police? There should be neutral inquiry for have check the police. Moreover, the infilteration of Hindu Brahman organizations like Bajrang Dal, RSS and Shiv Sena into Punjab should be banned. These organizations have there camps in Punjab which are working to eradicate the Sikhism from Punjab. This is simply impossible. The Punjab means the life of Punjabis not Hindus and Biharis.

International Dashmesh Youth Organization feels that the cats who are still not on the scene can again be used to ruin Punjab. The same war like situation is again going to be imposed on Punjab. International Dashmesh Youth Organization demands government of Punjab to bring all cats on the scene and stop promoting Police cats, Political Cats and Biharis. Government should be concise about the where-abouts of these cats and all the truth should be brought to media. The people responsible for this should be prosecuted.