SPN Interfaith Calender Is Ready Thanks To Etinder Ji

Etinder ji, on behalf of community on SPN, please accept my best regards for taking time out of your busy schedule and making SPN Calender, a unique interfaith calender with events listed from all religions visible on it... :)

However, members are requested to post all those events that may have been missed out due to lack of our knowledge. Please do contribute in making SPN a truly interfaith community.

Lots of Love and Regards for everybody
Etinder ji chaa gaye. bhaaji tussi toap ho... SPN dee hope ho :)

Currently, the link of 'get info' for an event in calender leads to a blank page titled 'Etinder'


i dont have the details

so dont know what to put, so left it blank..

what i was thinking may be as we keep writing about those gurupurabs we will keep adding with a valid link...what do u guys think?