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Spiritual Practices - The Beauty Of Niqaab

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by CaramelChocolate, May 4, 2006.

  1. CaramelChocolate

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    Jul 13, 2004
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    The beauty of niqaab... A spiritual perspective from a non-muslim
    A controversial dress and a shock to see in any western country, the niqaab is an extremely conservative way of dress for Muslim women - a type of dress where the shape of the body is hidden, and nothing revealed but the eyes and hands which in some cases are even hidden as well.

    Oppression, jealousy and extremity
    This form of dress is often criticised by many Muslims for being too extreme, uncompulsary and taking things too far, others see it as an arabic cultural influence or bid'ah [innovation[ and some say this form of dress was only required for the prophet's wives. When the verse of the Qu'ran was revealed about how women should conduct themselves, the women ripped the bottoms of their garments and covered their faces.
    There are many modern Muslim women who walka round with a covered head and a pair of jeans - where does the logic come from in this? Jeans clearly reveal the shape of their lower half, especially the way women's clothes are tailored in western countries.
    Many look upon 'niqaabis' with jealousy, even in many Muslim countries, women do not dress in this way and by doing so are severely breaking local norms and customs of the land in which they live.
    Many in the modern age see niqaab as oppression of women without realising that this is usually [with the rare execption of the taliban rule in Afghanistan] a type of dress that Muslim women choose to wear - often against or beyond their husband's wishes as this type of dress is regarded by many to be preferred but not compulsary. However I do agree that simply covering the head is an oppressive cultural thing done by Muslims, they think that simply by covering this amount they will not be looked at, but showing their body shape through wearing trousers and by wearing fashionable clothes they are truly mistaken.

    Another view about niqaab is that women are being viewed as tempress, men should learn to look down, avert their gaze etc. But what it really boils down to, is that, no-one has the right or ability to control another's actions, and what if a man accidently looked, how would it make her feel? cheap? objectified? what if she doesn't want to be seen like that? what if she doesn't want you to even have the chance to lust for me?
    If we look at society objectively, no matter how much they bang on about women's rights, there seems to be in every culture, an idea that women are objects - the only difference is from culture to culture there are differences as to how such an object should be treated - so until attitudes change I know which one I'd prefer... as a peice of meat for heterosexual men to check out on the street or as an object of love and desire, beauty and worship for her husband only.

    The real beauty
    There are many beauties to sing of when talking about the austerity of dressing in this way. Apart from the fact that it reduces promiscuity of the eyes and body for heterosexual men, these ladies will walk down the streets, showing what they believe to be identity and right conduct but infact they are doing so much more. Looking upon these 'ninjas' as they are jokingly called, I cannot help but be inspired to see the same value in every human on this earth. Although they are deindividuated from the body there is a are beauty and individuation- that we look upon them as a soul - a pure soul which is free from all social barriers, religion, caste, sexuality, nationality, gender, ethnicity and all the things that separate us - a beautiful practice which helps reveal eternal truths and can help remove sin and inclincation to judge others and view each and every being as a soul - like any truly spiritual person should.

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  3. vijaydeep Singh

    vijaydeep Singh
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    Jul 30, 2004
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    so men should also conceal themselves or say with out Nikab they may arose female.
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