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Soul Mates, Twin Flames Or Just Oddballs

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    When I first raised the subject of soul mates with my wife, she gave me an article on twin flames which she said was a better description of what we both wanted within our relationship, however I seem to find our relationship going in a completely different direction recently. Although I think I now have a reasonable grasp of what Khalsa is, I seem unable to fulfill it by action, either because I cannot, or will not. On a daily basis I feel I am getting closer, but what makes it much more frustrating/entertaining is the fact that my dear wife is khlasa through and through, although she has absolutely no concept of Khalsa or what it stands for. I ask her, why she does certain things, and she replies, I dont know, I just do. So what a great pair we make, me knowing the path but unable to follow it, and she following the path, but unable to know why.

    A classic example is the way in which we each find pleasure, I have certain things that I find pleasurable, and my day is spent either doing those things, or doing something else, and wishing I was doing pleasurable things, my wife, on the other hand enjoys and finds pleasure in whatever it is she is doing, and focuses all her attention on that one moment.

    We go shopping, the trolley normally consists of my bit, lots of things that look nice, and her bit, 1 potato and some corned beef. I get beer, coca cola, lemonade, she gets mineral water

    She never nags, raises her voice, argues, or tells me what to do, although I try and never give her reason to,

    She is at her happiest when me, stepson, dan, alfie, virgil are all on the bed watching a film on a sunday, I tend to chase the dragon regarding being happy, I will not stop and say, this is great, I am happy, it will be more, this great, Im happy, I want more, and if I cant have more, when will I be able to have more?

    we had planned a weekend in southall, my wife and I love the place, and we always visit the Gurdwara there. We now cannot go, as my wife has decided she needs to help someone out at work, by working that day,. She rings me, more concerned at whether I will miss out, not even thinking of herself, of course I agree, but I would not probably do it myself. When I ask her why she did it, there is no spiritual answer, she did it because it was the right thing to do, my wife is clearly in consonance without knowing how or why, and I am clearly not, knowing full well how or why.
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