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So Dar - Meanings


May 9, 2006
Comparing the So Dar shabad from Japji Sahib and Rehras Sahib, Rawel Singh Ji makes an interesting obversation which I've never noticed before:

The fundamental difference is that the latter is more in the second person addressed to Akal Purakh compared to the former. This seems to have been done because Japji being the first Baani in the morning is in the form of instruction from God while the evening Baani Rehras Sahib is for thanking the Almighty for having completed the day and hence addressed to Him. There are some words in Japji also in second person but seem to be in the form of acknowledging what is being taught although it is difficult to call this a rule.


Brother Onam

Jul 11, 2012
Re: So Dar: Meanings

Sat Sri Akal,
This is one of the most beautiful passages in all the Guru, I think. To me, when you consider the transcendant quality of heavenly reality, there is no problem in reading these lines quite literally.
There was a time, we didn't realize that whales sing; dolphins sing. There is a musical (vibrational, poetic) basis to all the universe, as science is slowly coming to confirm. They even have come to recognize a 'music of the spheres', humming amongst the planets. The 'desert fathers', the recluse monks of ancient Israel, taught that even a bird wakes up and immediately begins praising God in song, as we should too.
When our consciousness expands to experience the overwhelming splendour and holiness of the Lifegiver, every knee bow, every tongue confess, throughout the Creations.
Jul 13, 2004
'So Dar' Bani appearing in Guru Granth Sahib Ji at different places has notable differences, some of which are already pointed in the posts in this thread.

Before coming to point, I would like to share something one of my friends had pointed out once:
MaTter to MaSter

How to transition from Matter to Master? By replacing T ((Material) Talks) with S (Silence).

Inner Silence brings us closer to our own soul, brings us closer to our roots - Waheguru. With this silence, a beautiful image surfaces... with everything/everyone singing and dancing! Everything seems to be singing whether it is myself, fan, computer, birds, leaves, trees, Earth, Sky, planets, stars... every atom appears to be dancing...

Laws of Physics state that every thing is in motion... in vibration. Any thing in vibration leads to sound current. All those sound currents contain the energy to get materialized or stay in the sound form. Going one step forward, any thought in mind has the potential to bring those vibrations forward, leading those to sound currents and then material form as well.

All around us, within us, the naad - sound currents exist. Guru Granth Sahib Ji uses Shabad technology. The shabad has the power to reprogram DNA structure.

Call me nuts lol :mundakhalsaflag:
But if you understand it, it is an amazing realization of 'So Dar' bani... and it is right here!

Bhull chukk maaf ji
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