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Poetry Single Method Is Enough. Loll


Oct 22, 2011
Take the trick leave all the styles, what a rubbish? Just keep quiet!
Clean your heart, wash your dreams, search yourself, truly this I mean,
Single method is enough…loll
Why to rub head on the ground, to jump, and to fall on the crowd,
To sing the stanza very loud, but implements, on yourself never sounds,
How can the truth hide? -- Single method is enough…loll
One who is acting like the priests, wear strange clothes, sit on the side of streets,
Do this and that to meet the needs, sell religion like a bread piece,
Can this be digested? -- Single method is enough … loll
Some go to jungle’s for meditation techniques, keep long fasts to not to eat,
Walk very high on the mountain peaks, give big trouble to own feets,
Why to show the body needs?, but disturb others for their mouth feast,
Is this fair? -- Single method is enough … loll
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