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SINGH OR KHALSA ? Why The Addition To Guru Ji's Command

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

when Guru Gobind Singh ji revolutionised Sikhism at vasakhi 1699 with the Khande Batte de Pahul...HE ORDERED that from that moment ALL Males will carry the SURNAME SINGH and all Females will carry the surname KAUR.

That message is repeated at all Amrit sanchaars even today...

BUT then we go ahead and IMPROVE on GURU JI's orders and ADD "KHALSA" as a SURNAME. We even shorten the SINGH / KAUR t just initials S and K or eliminate them alltogether...BUT never drop or shorten the KHALSA....manmatt or gurumatt ???

Jarnail Singh.

PS. btw, there are NO SURNAMES in my name.... the "arshi" is a pen name ( also referred to as nom de plume ) used by writers and poets ( i fondly imagine i am one) etc in their writings to identify themselves and the "gyani" is an academnic degree awarded after passing a public examination called gyani exam ( Hons in Punjabi) by Punjab university and others.
Jul 13, 2004
I agree Gyani ji. Singh and Kaur are ordered to be the last names. The idea being to wash out any kind of information, which becomes a basis for discrimination caste or race wise. People from different corners, leaving their old thoughts aside, take khande dee pahul, and call themselves sons/daughters of Guru Gobind Singh to take on the panth. Any other addition including castes or 'Khalsa' seems inappropriate.

With respect to all.


Sep 16, 2004
your comment was worth mentioning , and i fully agree that it is totally wrong to reduce singh kaur and ad khalsa to your name . I also wonder in punjab various great(so called) leader in punjab like badal tohra badungar never take note of it and use their surname (most of them related to brahmin caste system)
along with singh . what ever explanation they may give but i consider it absoletely wrong consider it a cheating on guru ji
Jul 13, 2004
drkhalsa ji,

Most of such surnames arise from their native villages. Also some people used to have takkhalus, which very well applies to the original person who is poet/writer etc, but then when his kids keep that as their own surname, that is again an example of inappropriateness.

Main thing which I have realized is - being born to a sikh parents, we assume lot of things. Or perhaps even give a little thought about significance of most of things, which reduces to an activitiy - ritual like. There is where problem begins.

Also, most of the times, I am getting of the opinion that, instead of keep on talking about Gurubani, doing analyses, applying our own wisdom, comparing with other religions etc, we need to extract the Gurubani teachings and apply those learnings in our daily life - that would be something best we could perform in our life as a sikh.

I am just learning with the help of people on this forum. But more and more I read these posts, a tendency to withdraw from these discussions arises, and a passion to read more and more from Guru Sahib ji comes up. Because there is what all the learning is there, and we need to be having a receptive mind as a child and analysing and passionate as an adult, and wise (jo doosre nu naam japaunde hun) as our elder ones.


Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
1. Whats a Khalsa?

2. Who is a Khalsa?

3. Can everyone be a Khalsa even without taking Amrit, as Gurbani says SABH GOBIND HEIN?

4. Does being a Khalsa make us feel the chosen ones as the Jews think they are?

5. If yes then does not that contradict with Gurbani?

6. How about Khalistan? Is demand for Khalistan based on Gurmat?

Input from all will be appreciated..