If some one do read five banies at early morning and do evening paths like RehRahas Sahib and Keertan Sohila, also continueing do Sadharan Path everyday 5 to 10 pages and have completed Sadharan Paths Sahib with respect and mariada. But as age 66 and always have hear cuts and very hard to copletely growing 100% as Amritdhari Sikhs. But I still keep my head hairs but have strugler about beard. Can I still have any benafits from my Guru Nanak Dev ji and Guru Granth Sahib bani partakh God's bani.

Harry Haller

Panga Master

In my own view, the simple answer is 'No'.

Having said that, if you had your beard, the answer would still be 'no', I do not believe there are any benefits other than knowledge. Your asking if you will be blessed? again, in my view, no more than all are blessed by Creator.

I believe recitation of Bani should be done for no other reason than to show your love for Bani, so that your soul can cry out with happiness from being able to recite, understand, implement this wonderful Bani.

You seem to have a checklist of things that one needs to do, in order to get the full benefit, I think being at peace with yourself and having a good heart go a long way to making yourself feel better, more centred, helping people, living by Bani, living by Hukam, all these things will bring wonderful benefits, but none of them supernatural or magical,

The benefits are realised in this life, as you sow, so shall you reap. Hair and Simran as you have described mean nothing on their own.

Kind Regards, my own view only


Pritpal Ji,

I think you should focus on Progress, if you feel you're progressing this way, Good. As for the Hair Issue, No one can Justify it for you.


Thank you for answering my question, first thing I am so sorry for writing above question not make a sense, I feel bad. Thank you Mr.Harry Haller for writing his advice. I have some friends from other religions like Christ and Muslim faith and we should respect all religions. But Muslims idea and belief is that non-Muslim people are ***** and only Muslims people will bless by God and Christ's Faith people also have similar sound. But, in my belief and knowledge that only Sikh Guru Ji and Sikh never try to put other down or disrespect them. As Giani Sant Singh maskeen ji said that, all river are go separate ways and have different name and shape but all have only one purpose and one is to going to reach the Sea and than become all are one as SEA and something all religions people have same purpose but theirs ways to reach God is different. If you honestly love your faith (religion) and do your part like read respect Bani and do simren and do not hurt others feeling and try to do as your best, you will have happy life here and after life.<?"urn::eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
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