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Legal Sikhs Seek AI Intervention In Fresh Probe For Chattisinghpora Massacre


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Sikhs seek AI intervention in fresh probe for Chattisinghpora massacre

Kashmir Watch :: In-depth coverage on Kashmir conflict

SRINAGAR, May 21: Sikh community today sought the intervention of Amnesty International (AI) in getting the Chattisinghpora and other such killings probed afresh.

The demand was put forward during a meeting of Sikh leaders, headed by Sardar Jaghmohan Singh Raina, with a two member committee of AI here.

The Sikh leaders stated that hundreds of their community members were killed during last 20 years in Kashmir. This caused fear psychosis among the community but still they preferred to stay back and live with their Muslim brethren.

The Sikh leaders alleged that government miserably failed to identify and punish the elements behind Chattingpora massacre and other such killings. They urged the AI to intervene to identity the killers and punish them.

A spokesman of Sikhs said, his leaders not only highlighted their genuine demands but also urged for a fresh probe in the Sikh killings in the Kashmir valley.

“Even after such apathies, the negligence of the State government and the step motherly treatment of the Central government towards the Sikhs have prompted them in opting for silent migration from the Valley,” he said.

The spokesman stated that the fear-psychosis has resulted in gradual decrease in the population of Sikhs in the Valley as the grown up children have developed interest in moving out in search of jobs, higher education and security. “Due to militancy in Kashmir, vast majority of Sikhs chose to migrate to the City of Srinagar from villages, leaving behind their sources of income/revenue such as orchards, agriculture lands and other means of earning. The migration made them economically weak and dependent, which till date is the biggest setback for the Sikhs of Kashmir who have suffered. The government has never even desired to come up for their economical rescue,” he added.

[Kashmir Times]

KW Note: In 1990, the Rashtriya Rifles (RR) was established with six battalions and two sector headquarters. The Rashtriya Rifles was raised by former chief of Army staff General B C Joshi in 1990 for the exclusive role of fighting insurgency in Kashmir.

In 1993, the Indian army expanded its role in the Kashmir Valley when it deployed the Rashtriya Rifles. The 36-battalion formation, a light elite counterinsurgency force, was formed specifically to compensate for weak and untrustworthy local police and increasingly well-armed guerrillas in Kashmir.

The force was further expanded in 1994-95.

Rashtriya Rifles was raised as a para-military force as it was envisaged that personnel posted to RR would comprise regular Army volunteers on deputation, ex-servicemen and lateral inductees from various para-military forces and central police organisations. However, ever since its inception this force has comprised hundred per cent regular Army deputationists.

President Clinton termed RR as Hindu Militants , “During my visit to India in 2000, some Hindu militants decided to vent their outrage by murdering 38 Sikhs in cold blood. If I hadn’t made the trip, the victims would probably still be alive. If I hadn’t made the trip, I couldn’t have done my job as president of the United States.” Bill Clinton at a speech in June 2006.