Sikh Coalition Sikhs, Muslims And Jews: Who Invests More In Civil Rights?

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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
From Sikh Coalition
Sikhs, Muslims and Jews: Who invests more in civil rights?

Have you contributed your dasvandh [ ] yet? Based on statistics published by the Pew Research Center, U.S. Census Bureau, and Guidestar, Jewish Americans invest an average of at least 23 dollars "per person" in organizations that protect Jewish rights. Muslim Americans invest more than 8 dollars "per person" in organizations that protect the rights of Muslims.

By contrast, Sikh Americans invest approximately *$1.38 "per person"* in organizations that protect Sikh rights.

We should learn from our friends in the Jewish and Muslim American communities and invest more heavily in organizations devoted to eliminating bias and discrimination in the United States.

If you believe the right of Sikh workers to enjoy equal opportunity is a good investment, please contribute to the Sikh Coalition today [ ].

If you believe the right of Sikh children to enjoy a bully-free school is a good investment, please contribute to the Sikh Coalition today [ ].

If you believe including Sikhism in school curricula around the country is a good investment, please contribute to the Sikh Coalition today [ ].

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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Absolutley Right.

But IF we....go by a different "Statistic" we will find the results changed drastically...almost REVERSED...

If we check GOLUCK FUNDS...we will find that SIKHS deposit ( with Gurdwara Golucks and BABA DERA Golucks ) much much more than USD 23 per sikh...and the Muslims and Jews would be far behind....maybe USD1.38 per capita !! This is NOT Counting the Per Capita sikhs Donate to Ragis and Babas singing dharnas....and to building DERAS...

WE SIKHS have to get our PRIORITIES RIGHT....DONATE to RIGHTFUL CAUSES like the SIKH COALITION...KHALSA AID...etc etc..which genuinely help our CAUSES.


Dec 4, 2011
It's quite nice to see that both jews and muslims are donating larger sums than us.
Although as Gyanji has rightfully pointed out, I don't think that we are tightfisted or 'anti'-donating in any sense when you look at golack funds.

One only has to look at true gurdwara golack accounts and the acquisitions of dera babas to see that ALL this is from donations.

What is even more shocking is that many of us sikhs give to these secondary sources because we feel our money will be put to better use!

I will explain- for example, there has been a famous radhasoami baba that has been telling the masses about donations. He claims and scares his followers that when we give to some charity on paper and if these funds are used elswhere, we get the 'paap' or bad karma. Or better still- God holds US RESPONSIBLE for contributing to corrupt source even if we thought it was for the needy!!!

He therefore demands the contributions and donations be given to them because they can ASSURE that they will go to the right sources on our behalf.
So my official charity that i have been using -'Unicef', can actually do me more harm if they don't get my money to 3rd world country. I will be responsible for 3rd persons bad karma!!

So even if we give to the local foodbank for christmas to make sure a desperate family gets a decent christmas meal, we will have done no good whatsoever because we don't know for sure if our donation reached the intended recipient!
The dera baba claims he can save us from all this because we can give it to him and trust him to handle it properly.
*****TRUST HIM!!!!*****.........Can you believe the millions they make with this deceptive advertising.
This is decepting or fooling someone in the reassurance that they won't get fooled by someone else.

I don't mean to cause any offence to any radhsoamis or other deras on here, but you must know what I'm talking about. You only have to look at their properties and lifestyles to get the picture.


Jul 2, 2012
Can anyone further explain the Radha Saomis? I hear them mentioned but its very hard to find information about them online that isn't from their own sources.(Which are apparently questionable.)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Rory ji

Go to Sects/Groups/Cults in the Sikh Sikhi Sikhism forum here at SPN and look for these thread titles.

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Who are the Radha Soami?
Radhasoami - History & Beliefs This one may still be classified in the main Sikh Sikhi Sikhism forum if it was not moved to Sects/Groups/Cults

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