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Sikhs In Technology Sector

Dear Sangat,

This thread is created with an intention to share profiles of successful sikhs in the technology sector. I hope this serves as a boost for younger generations, who think that keeping with sikh principles is a hinderance to corporate success.

In the first page, I will maintain the list of people listed in this thread, and you are invited to add profiles of sikhs here, preferably with pictures.

Best Regards, Arvind.

Currently, Brief Profiles of following people are posted in this thread:

Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany
Reuben Singh

Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany

Dr. Kapany is widely acknowledged as the father of fiber-optics, the technology behind devices from endoscopy to high-capacity telephone lines that has changed the medical, communications and business worlds. He was named one of seven ‘Unsung Heroes’ by Fortune magazine in their ‘Businessmen of the Century’ issue (Nov. 22, 1999).
Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh, the chairman and sole shareholder of the International RS Group of Companies is only 26 years old. Success at such a young age is achieved rarely by the best of us, but not for the enterprising Reuben Singh who at 24 was declared by the Guinness Book of Records as UK's youngest millionaire. Now in 2002 Reuben Singh is a millionaire many times over and seeks to beat Bill Gates at his own game and achieve billionaire status at an even earlier age.
Amerikaur Penji Ji

Thanks for sharing :),

The new section dedicated to such persons should be up in this coming week. So, Please start collecting the information about such sikh people who have made it to the top or almost without letting their sikh appearance becoming a hindrance in their success story. This person can even be a person your next door. So, better watch out for them :)

Enjoy !!

Best Regards
Dear Aman veerji,

Thank you for your kind words :)

Well...speaking of Sikhs next door, there is also Aman Singh ji, creator of www.sikhphilosophy.net. I think Arvind Singh ji as well is also a Sikh in the tech sector? :)

Our list is growing...

Guru Fateh,

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