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Sikh News Sikhs Hook On To Twitter, FB To Bring Obama To Punjab

Sep 20, 2004
Upset over reports that US President Barack Obama [ Images ] may skip the Golden Temple [ Images ] during his India [ Images ] visit, a Sikh group ion Washington on Thursday asked community members to campaign through Twitter and Facebook accounts of the White House for his visit to Sikhism's holiest.

United Sikhs also urged Obama not to cancel his visit to Golden Temple.

"The President's visit to India in November has been marked with heightened jubilation, especially from the Sikh community," it said in a statement.

"Visit the White House's Twitter and Facebook account to let the President know the importance of his potential visit to Harmandar Sahib (Golden Temple)," the statement said.

"For a religious minority group that has often remained invisible to the world, the Sikh community now has the enviable opportunity to welcome for the first time a head of state from the United States. The importance of this visit should not be understated," the statement said.

The United Sikhs also released pictures of the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and British Queen [ Images ] Elizabet, visiting the Golden Temple.

"If these rumours (of cancellation) are true, this is a tremendously disappointing moment for the entire Sikh community and religious minorities in general. What was supposed to be affirmation and recognition of a young, vibrant, and growing religious minority, has devolved into a race to the bottom."