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World Sikhs Greeted In US Congress

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by spnadmin, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Sikhs Greeted in US Congress

    news.outlookindia.com | Sikhs Greeted on Vaisakhi in the US Congress

    Reflecting the views of his fellow Congressmen, an eminent lawmaker from Indiana has greeted Sikhs across the country and the world over on the occasion on Vaisakhi.

    "Madam Speaker, I ask that you and my distinguished colleagues join me in honouring the Sikh Religious Society of Indiana, its Board of Directors, and congregation, as well as Sikh followers throughout the world, as they celebrate and observe the religious and historic event of Vaisakhi," Congressman Peter Visclosky said in his speech on the floor of the House on Thursday.

    "Through their words and teachings, these honourable individuals and organisations remind us all of the struggles and accomplishments of the Sikh people throughout the world," he said.

    In his speech he also asked the Congressmen to recognise the Sikh Religious Society of Indiana and its Board of Directors as they celebrate one of their most significant religious and historical events, Vaisakhi.

    The day will be commemorated on Sunday, April 18, at the Sikh Temple in Crown Point, Indiana. The Sikh Religious Society is a non-profit religious and social organisation that has served the community of Northwest Indiana since 1994.

    "Each year the Sikh people celebrate Vaisakhi, a festival that commemorates the establishment of the "Order of the Kahlsa" or "Pure Servants of God."

    In 1699, Sahib-E-Kamaal, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth guru, initiated the process of the conversion of the people of India into a morally receptive and disciplined army of the pure and courageous, whose main purpose was to overcome religious oppression and considerable human rights violations that were occurring in India at that time," Visclosky said.
    "He empowered the people of India by giving them a choice to control their own destiny, teaching them to stand unyielding to confront the forces of intolerance that had been placed upon them by the bigoted and cruel leaders of the time," he said.

    "On Vaisakhi day, Guru Gobind Singh Ji assigned a specific code of conduct to the Sikh followers-belief in one God, brotherhood of mankind, equality among all human beings, justice, peace, and truth," the Congressman said.

    "Sikh followers are encouraged to work hard, earn an honest living, and live a life of service to people in need.

    Today, the Sikh community holds high the beliefs that were brought forth on that day. The true meaning of Vaisakhi lives on in the Sikh people as they continue to pass on their peaceful beliefs and messages of equality through their unwavering strength and determination" Visclosky said in his remarks.

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