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World Sikhs Get Their Way On Turbans In Italy


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Sikhs Get their Way on Turbans in Italy

by Yudhvir Rana

AMRITSAR: After mounting pressure on the Italian government, a five-member delegation of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) was allowed to take the flight to Dubai, without removing their turbans for security check.

An elated DSGMC president Manjit Singh GK told TOI over phone from Dubai on Thursday, "Last night, protocol officer of the Indian embassy, a representative of the Italian government and chief of security staff of airport came to us and took us to the lounge. We were treated well and the security didn't insist on removal of our turbans."

He said, "This is what the Sikhs expected from security setup at all airports around the globe. We should not be humiliated, turban is not only our pride but our key religious symbol too."

DSGMC team including Manjit, Paramjit Singh alias Rana, Gurvinder Pal Singh, Puneet Singh Chandhok and Gurbachan Singh Cheema had refused to board the plane from Rome's Fiumicino Airport on Tuesday, after they were asked to remove their turbans for security check. They left the plane and camped at airport in protest. The delegation had gone to Italy to attend the "International Sikh Dastar (Turban) Awareness Day" on August 3 at Luna Park in Cremona, Italy.

"After our initiative, many Sikhs have come out in the open to blame the Italian government for removing turbans of Sikh passengers in the name of security checks at airports," Manjit said, adding that even the richest Sikh of Dubai said his turban was removed twice at Rome's airport.

He informed DSGMC wouldn't sit pretty after this moral victory, but would assertively follow up the case. "We have decided to make a representation to the Italian ambassador in Delhi, take up the issue with United Nations and other international forums," Manjit said.

He suggested that the Italian government should resort to some modern technology for checking turbans as was done in US airports. Italy had nearly 1.75 lakh Indian population, out of which 80% were Sikhs. "There is a new hope among them that they wouldn't have to face humiliation anymore after our initiative," the DSGMC chief said.

Harsimrat slams govt apathy

Chandigarh: Questioning the "soft approach" of government towards harassment of Sikhs in foreign lands, Bathinda MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal said in her address in Parliament on Thursday that thousands of Sikhs, in their everyday life, have to bear the brunt of hate crimes because of mistaken identity due to their attire. Giving a notice for suspension of the question hour, Harsimrat said, "In countries like France, Sikhs are humiliated and their children not allowed to study in government schools. In Italy, the Sikhs are humiliated repeatedly at every airport."

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
WHAT many sikhs whose turbans ring the metal scanner alarms....DONT TELL the Security is that they have multiple Metal PINS inside the turban...(metal pins used to keep the highly starched turban folds DOWN tightly) and many of these sikhs who use lots of STARCH have to pin each fold down. When these pins cause the alarm to go off..the Security will ask..What have you got in there..and the Sikhs inevitably replies NOTHING..and thus the security gets suspicious ?? shoudlnt he ?? Alarm ringing like crazy and this man says NOTHING..I have NOTHING ??? of course then the security wants to take them to a security room and remove the turban to check...WHY NOT JUST REMOVE ALL THE METAL PINS BEFORE ENTERING SCANNERS AND AVOID ALL THAT FUSS...ESP WHEN ALL PASSENGERS HAVE TO REMOVE EVERY METAL OBJECT..INCLUDING KEYS ETC AND PUT THEM SEPARATELY IN A BASKET...THE TURBAN WITH PINS INSIDE CAUSES UN-NECESSARY PROBLEMS..ALL sikhs should keep in mind that the Airport SECURITY are working for the SAFETY of all aircraft why not do all we can to not upset..if we use pins to fold our kacheras..then we are going to keep setting the alarms off..then what ?? SIKHS shoudl be sensible...its what our GURU teaches US....
I have passed through many airports..never had nay turban problems..just karra and kirpan...temp removed and placed in basket and collected back afterwards....sometimes the security can see the karra is causing the alarm and will wave me through..but since i never have pins under my removal ever or even patting done..

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