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Legal Sikhs Fight For Turban In Poland


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Warsaw, Poland: A unique Court case is taking place in Poland of a Sikh taking the Polish Airport Security to Court for disgracing Sikh travellers passing through Poland.

The actions started in Oct 2009. Sikhs travelling through Polish airports were being told to remove their turbans for security check – the turbans were then placed on the x-ray scanner and passed through it. No amount of requests that turbans be checked with hand held scanners, or by pat downs were accepted. The Guards seemed to take delight in telling many hapless passengers ” take it off, else you will not fly…”

In my case – as a fluent Polish speaker, having graduated from a Polish University, over 30 years ago and having worn my turban through all these years, I was not prepared to sit back & “take this”. After explaining many times to the hierarchy of the Polish Border Guard in a series of letters and in several face to face meetings, I decided that I could rest. Warsaw has many Sikhs, a SIkh Gurudwara, which is officially registered as a formal place of worship. The Sikh Community was outraged but seemed to be helpless.

Read full article at: http://www.sikhsangat.org/2011/10/airport-sikh-turban-check-unique-court-case-in-poland/

Joginder Singh Foley

Jan 26, 2008
Stoke On Trent
Re: Sikhs and fight for turban in Poland

WJKKWJKF Sat siri Akal

Here we go again dishonoring the Sikh turban, how many times do we Sikhs have to go through this or how long are we gonna put up with those insults from these poorly trained uneducated airport jobsworths and people wonder why i hate flying and now thinks to the channel tunnel and the growing european high speed rail network I travel in a civilised way by train and not because i am an engineer working on railways or am a railway enthusiast but because train travel is far civilised than traveling in one of airbus or boeing's flying cattle trucks ever will be think city center to city center PS I wonder what the european Court of human Rights would have to say on this any Sikh lawyers fancy having a go


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