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India Sikhs Fear For Lack Of Justice In India


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
As tension grows and time passes Sikhs worldwide are concerned over the recent finding of the Sikh Scriptures that were thrown into a well in Udhampur Nalan village in Ropar district, not only were there five copies of the Guru Granth Sahib found in the well it is alleged that alcohol was also poured over the Holy Sikh Scriptures

The Sikh Times spoke exclusively to police in Morinda, Punjab, Narinder Singh said “So far we have made no arrest, there has been little evidence of the person or persons that may have committed the crime”

When asked if there were any senior police personal available he said “There is no one available to speak to as the case has not arrest or proposed arrests”

There was little or no urgency in the voice of Narinder Singh to proceed with the resources to bring justice or action to conclude who may have committed the crime

Many villages in Punjab consist of 2,000 to 3,000 residences, most of the residence have lived there for decade, communities are very close and known to one another. Often the elderly know the business of everyone in the village; this contributes to the concerns of the Sikhs, as to why there has not been any leads for the police to follow.

Historically when ever there has been any crime in these village the police would react by coming to the village in huge numbers, separate the men, women and children., force them to give statements and ensure an arrest was made before they left.

Sikh feel the police has failed to bring about justice for the blasphemy against the Sikh faith.

Punjab and Punjabi’s in crisis spokes person said “As the Indian constitution does not include Sikhs, we have no recognition, we have no protect, even the government has attacked our Holiest Shires”

“The fact that the Indian Prime Minister is a Sikh has no relevance as this crime has gone unresolved and it would appeal the conspiracy has the backing of government”

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