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Sikhs Cutting Their Hair


Jun 20, 2009
This article was written in 2007 and so isn't exactly hot-off-the-presses, but I have read similar posts on other sites and wanted to know more about how the topic is viewed. I assume that the Sikhs who are cutting are not Khalsa*, so I guess that would leave them to be Sahajdhari? Can the Sahajdhari pick-and-choose what among the 5-Ks they choose to keep?

* However in a recent episode of Weapons Masters on the chakram they had several people who were suppose to be Sikhs who were clean shaven. (You can see the episode on YouTube.) I do not know that they were in fact Khalsa however.

The article

Amritsar Journal
Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts, Annoying Their Elders

Alexandra Jones for The International Herald Tribune
At a turban clinic run by a Sikh heritage group, Karan Singh, 15, wrapped his head with the help of Jaswinder Singh.

Published: March 29, 2007

AMRITSAR, India — The day Jugraj Singh, at age 14, abandoned his turban and had a lifetime’s growth of hair cut off, he collected the tresses from the barbershop floor and packed them into a plastic bag. Then he threw the bag into a river flowing out of Amritsar, the spiritual home of the Sikhs.

More at this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/29/world/asia/29turban.html?_r=1
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