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General Sikhphilosophy Gets Some Pretty Good Traffic


May 8, 2010
From the Alexa ranking I would have thought that the board gets like almost 20,000 uniques a day but its at about 3,000 a day - so this is first hand evidence that Alexa ranking should not be used to estimate how many visitors a site gets.

Any way the board should be seo'd for the word "religion" and may be some more too.......


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
badshah ji

It is really heart-warming that you show such a unique kind of interest in SPN -- to go to the trouble to look up some stats. That is something I do every so many weeks just to check on things. Aman however has all the stat checkers on the web at his fingertips and can describe where we are statistically from every angle.

One or two topics that draw visistors have been very surprising.

Not going to tell what they are. LOL Don't want to tip off the competition. cheerleader


Aug 12, 2010
As a new member (and not actually a Sikh) I'm extremely impressed with this website. It's incredibly informative, the posts show thought, insight and, intelligence ..... I am so glad that I happened across it. Things happen for a reason I guess, I wonder what my journey through here holds for me (she says with anticipation) :)
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