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Sikhism And Drugs


Jun 1, 2004
How do you think we can eliminate the plague of drugs in our society?

Today, my friends's son would have been 40 years old, if he had lived. He died of a heroin overdose at 26, drug pushers convinced him to give it a try, and he suffered for it until he died. She cries on his birthday every year, and suffers from the memory. What do you think we can do to eliminate this horrible menace of our society and stop the killing of innocent children?



Jun 13, 2006
I've seen a few people turn junkie over the years. One very close upna friend turned into a coke head. What do I think can be done?

I think the first and most foremost thing is build close and open relationships between family members. It may seem a bit obvious but believe you me, when this is lacking in any way, it often leads to kids living secret lives away from the family which I believe can expose them to all sorts of negative influences such as conversion, sexual abuse, addiction. Everyone should aim to have a family mean together at least once a day and give everyone a chance to talk to help build nice bonds.

Second: BE COOL!!!!!

If you are a crusty, conservative stick in the mud then often kids get caught up in some perceived glamour that they see in the underworld. They think this is cool. So be open minded and not too boring. I saw so many Sikh youth going to uni and doing drugs, some from very conservative backgrounds. I think it was because they were trying to be cool and get away from their parents/families lack of "with itness"


Give them some good positive role models to look up to. It is very important to also build strength and character in youth so that they are confident enough to turn around and say "get lost" to the jerks who may be trying to push on them.

Fourthly: Challenge the bums in our community that sell. This requires real tuttay as they aren't averse to using violence given the nature of their game. Some of them are quite respected in the community due to Jatt ethics where money and power means everything. Take a look at Vancouver and Gravesend here in the U.K. for examples.

Just want to also say that I differentiate between hard drugs like heroin, coke, crack, meths versus ganja. I don't condone any drug taking.

Should be hopefully puting out a tune about this subject soon. Will keep you posted. Too many Sikh boys going that root. No good, especially as a certain community is responsible for pushing most of the smack and coke here. And they haven't got much love for Sikhs. I told my friend not to mix with them but he did and it messed him up.

Any other ideas?


Jun 13, 2006
Everyone should aim to have a family MEAL together at least once a day and give everyone a chance to talk to help build nice bonds.



Jan 26, 2007
It is a weakness in the character of the community and a symptom of too much affluence. In the punjab, it is sad. Too many bhaiya, our people sit around getting fat, drunk, stupid and amli. In the west, what can you say. Parents need to to a bettter job. Brainwash the kids, do not do drugs or smoke. In a way, it is all very simple. Attention, love, devotion and oversight. Complacency and ignorance (especially of culture, faith, religion and history) all unite to creat a situation in which this can happen. Frankly, I never had any desire ever to look for or take drugs. It is just stupid. Unfortunately, if your brain cannot figure out that being cool or accepted or a temporary high is less important than being an addict or failure in life, in some way you are dysfunctional, undisciplined and stupid.


Apr 3, 2007
Sat Shri Akal

Very nice points to consider and follow. But one point, I think, we are missing is unemployment. I am talking about Indian villagers. Most of them don't want to work in fields and when they don't get a job of their interest, they feel embarrassing and depressed. These things make them to take drugs. We should also make them aware

Sarbat da bhala

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