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Sikhism / Advaita Vedanta philosophy


Aug 14, 2019
Has SPN been hijacked by brahmanical fanatics ?
he’s talking about the relationship between what our Gurus taught and his faith. What is fanatical about that. Teachers like Jesus taught tenants of Truth. It’s not crazy that the entire universe runs by the laws of Truth, and that not only one section of the world knows about it. There are planets upon planets who practice it as taught by Guru Nanak, not just a tiny few.


Nov 5, 2010
Sat Sri Akaal,

There is Re Search of outer awareness and Inner awareness too.
Inner Awareness research is like diving in a deep sea. The researchers have reached depths and a few have touched ends. There experiences a d scrib are different from the previous one. But rulers and policy makers do not accept especially if the research is not by there own community. Acceptance is further difficult.
Thought transformation after new reseach is a long term process.

As process of research. Any new realistic experience is Re Search and a new thought with the new beginning. Any such thought needs to be validated that it is New has to be validated by document review of previous work. If the thought is not existing it is new and can be documented as a new Research.

What I find Gurus Bani as latest Research and Scrib of Spirit Awareness. The previous glimpse and practitioner are sufficient to reject and obsolete the old one. But if some one loves to keep or drive on 1st Models of car. It is fan ship. It shall not be negated.
Humanity shall not be compared and negated. And followance of new shall not bring abuse to old.

As it prevailed and is past experience to be preserved through fans.... That is also within Nature.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khals
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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Dec 4, 2020
One important difference between Advaita Vedāntai and Sikh phiosphy is that in the latter, Waheguru ji's creation is not an artificial artifact; the world is not a mere "illusion"; Waheguru ji Himself is in it. Similarly for the human body-- "Eh Sarera Merya Har Tum Meh Jot Rakhi" (Anand Sahib); and for wservice to humanity; and for fightng injustice.

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