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Sikhi In Everyday Life?

Mar 27, 2007
I am learning sikhi. I was born into sikhism, but I fell out of it over the years (partly because I never learned anything, even though I tried hard to follow Guru's word). Now I am trying very hard to learn and become a true sikh.

However, I have been having a lot of trouble lately on how one should live daily. I have read and understand that sikhs must wake up at amritvela and do ishnaan and read the baanis. I also understand that we must live by pursuing truth and treating all humanity with respect.

The problem I have is that, in our modern world, we have many aspects that take up our time: Work, Play, Television, Music. Is it alright to participate in such activities as delights of our existence or is this being attached to Maya? Can we enjoy the company of friends and family or is this emotional attachment?

I know that Guru Nanak Ji said that we must not become renunciants and live lives of hermits. So what is the balance of living as a Sikh in the modern world?

I read about people who do this and that complying with the Sikh way. Are people who do not do such activities any less Sikh? Or is sticking to the core of Sikhism, the love for God, regardless of whether we wake up at amritvela or not most important?
Jul 9, 2007
No body says that you CAN'T do simran and read bani without watching tv. and listening to music too. what guru ji means is that you CAN have fun (watch tv. and listen to music) AS LONG AS you have done your nitname and done some simran. You CAN enjoy the company of your friends and family but
you should NOT become totally dependent on them and think about them when you should be doing nitname or simran. Maya would be when you think about tv or music or your friends and family or money so much, that you forget waheguru many times during the day and you can't concentrate on your nitname because you're thinking about the other stuff. that is maya.


Oct 31, 2007
Sat Nam to all!
Here are some things to think about: one thing to consider is how you are setting your priorities. What is your most important relationship? Is it to your television set? (Please, I do not wish to offend nor sound sarcastic or insulting or anything like that, but I am seeing many people who really do plan their time around television shows.) Many advertisers would love for that to be your most important thing. Much of our modern technological items are not being used to best advantage, such as the television set. Yes, there are many good educational shows on it, but there are far more trivial things being shown on it, and most of television news is actually designed to put fear into your life, and into your mind. You might start to think about how modern life is to be lived. Is it to be lived to the whims of those who do not really have your very highest interests at heart, or is life to be lived by the highest values possible? What are those things and activities that you can do that would promote living life to its best? Nothing says that you have to renounce your time with family and friends- but think about how your time with them is being spent. Yes, work is important, but what is the most important thing in your life, and why? What is going to give a constant and ongoing upliftment- entertainment, or quality time (How would you define "quality time"?) with Guru, family, friends? Look inside your heart.
Blessings to all

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