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General Sikh Women Hate Sikh Guys And Love Only Hindu Guys?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by SinghisKingForever, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. SinghisKingForever

    SinghisKingForever India
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    Oct 15, 2015
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    hello everyone I am a Hardcore Sikh Guy, i mean i follow everything that a
    Sikh is supposed to follow, I have always had one question. Why do our Sikh
    Women hate Sikh guys, Sikh girls do not want to at all date or marry Sikh
    guys, i have seen myself numerous Extremely Beautiful Sikh girls marrying
    Hindu guys, obviously they dont change their religion but still, Every
    where i have seen or heard i have known this one thing that Sikh girls do
    not find Sikhs guys attractive at all, They are madly attracted to Hindu
    guys, Even in Colleges or offices if u see u will find hardly any Sikh girl
    or no Sikh Girl dating Sikh guys but we only see Beautiful Sikh girls
    dating and later marrying Hindu guys, the worst part is Sikh girls make fun
    of Sikh guys for being fuddu or a loser, this angers me a lot, its quite
    frustrating and saddening at the same time, because i being a Sikh guy have
    a very good personality and i am well mannered and good to talk to anyone
    still Sikh Women do not like to date or marry me, Could anyone please tell
    whats the main reason behind it and how can we solve this problem?
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  3. ActsOfGod

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    Writer SPNer

    Aug 14, 2012
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    Guru Fateh Sardar Ji

    I can understand the frustration, but the anger and sadness are all your own fabrication. If you really follow everything a Sikh "is supposed to do", as you claimed, then divest yourself of these emotions, meaning: it can be a frustrating situation for you, but engaging in emotions of anger and sadness are not in line with your GurSikhi jeevan. Listen to Guru Sahib's advice. Remember there is kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar. And be way of these theives.

    Well if it's not you, it must be them, right? Seriously, though, you have an entitlement mentality here. You expect the "Sikh Women" to just fall at your feet? And if they don't, you complain about it and stomp your feet and get angry and sad. And then you blame the Hindus! Vah ji Vah. What a man. What a fine, shining example you are.

    Maybe spend some time improving yourself so that you can be worthy of a QUEEN who will join you as a life partner. Keep the end goal in mind. Always remember your GurSikhi Jeevan and your commitment to Guru Sahib first. That should factor first in all your thinking.

    Lose the entitlement mentality. Focus first on improving yourself as a Sikh. Then, you might find that ALL women (not just "Sikh" women), look up to you and admire you, and yes, even fall in love with you.

    If you want examples of how real men behave, all you need to do is look into Sikh history. General Hari Singh Nalwa is a fine example:


    All the best Sardar Ji!
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