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Sikh News Sikh Warriors And Love Legends Of Sandalbar


(previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her
Mar 14, 2006
London, UK
Sikhs or mankind’s first love should always be their creator and then in turn their parents. To love man is required to have understanding. In inclement times it is at times difficult to love and be civil when others can be insensitive and unthinking. Love is a pure and sacred Spirit, the eternal flame of which is fanned by honour, faith and fidelity.

Love is imbued and interwoven into mans spirit. He lives with a love of his Waheguru, his land and countrymen, his family and friends. Bereft of love man struggles against manipulations and schemers, he is wary of the ignorant, fearful of ill doers and desists from forging strong bonds of friendship as he lacks truth and faith in others. This is akin to a partial death. The inability to trust, place faith and love.

Romantic love is reserved for matrimony. In all other aspects it is delusional and illusory. Spiritual love is evoked from within and ideally reflected upon the one bound in the sanctity of matrimony with the compliance of both families of the couple. That is true love, breeding peace and harmony within and to all associated with the glorious light and Spirit of love.

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