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SciTech Sikh TV Presenter Is Riot Hero


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Sangat ji Please go to the link for this article to see a picture of Upinder Randhawa. The image is copyrighted, therefore, I cannot post it here.

A SIKH TV presenter became an unlikely hero of the Birmingham riots last night - after giving police a lift to arrest four thugs while he filmed them live on his satellite telly channel.

Upinder Randhawa became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter as word spread about his coverage of the riots on Sangat TV, which appears near the bottom of Sky's electronic programme guide

While the major news channels didn't have any live pictures of the Birmingham riots when they flared up last night, they also cut to Upinder's Gonzo-style coverage as he drove around the city in his own satellite van filming the disturbances as they kicked off.

As the riots intensified, Upinder gave a cop a lift in his van to one flashpoint - and filmed as four thugs were arrested in front of him.

Video: Hero of Birmingham riots

He said on Twitter: "Sangat TV team just helped police catch four thugs. We are in jewellery quarter. Things are not looking good as police is everywhere."

Fans sent amazed tweets as they watched the events unfurl.

Apprentice star Stuart Baggs said: "Carlsberg don't do news channels, but if they did it'd probably be Sangat TV. Best TV channel ever?"

In several long pieces to camera, Upwinder said he was devastated by the violence that was occurring around him - and said how much he loved Britain.

He said: "It is a war zone out there, don't go out.

"People who are blaming, stop criticising and come together. We are the United Kingdom. We have no fear at all. It is a beautiful country. It has given people so much. We need to keep calm. We love this country. We don't want anyone to lay a finger on this beautiful country. I will die for this country. I will protect it. It has given me so many opportunities."

And Upinder said he was prepared to do the same again today if more disturbances break out.

He said on Twitter: "Ready to face the world, I'm ready to face "tough thugs". Let's see what they've got."

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