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Opinion Sikh Sacked For Refusing To Cut His Hair

Refusing to cut his hair has cost a Sikh man to loose his job; he has no money and is patiently waiting to return to Punjab, India
24-year-old Harshdeep Singh Anand, was offered a job by the Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel, Abu Dhabi as a Chief-de-Partie after an interview in Delhi.
This Sikh man left home on July 29, to take up the new job in the oil-rich land
Everything seemed fine as he took up the assignment and started performing his duties. His ordeal started when after a week the director of operations Salah told him firmly that “if you want to continue in the job, you have to cut your hair and become clean-shaven.”

Harshdeep said he could not do this and attempted to inform his employer that it was against his religion to cut his hair.
Salah did not give in and asked him to resign from the job, but Harshdeep refused to resign and as a consequence was sacked
His father Paramjit Singh had been running from pillar to post to get justice for his son.
He has sent representations to the Indian High Commissioner at Abu Dhabi, the National Human Rights Commission and other organisations. He has also taken up the matter with Sikh religious bodies including the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar, and the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and urged them to take up the matter at the highest level as other Sikhs also faced the same problem.
The State Sikh Welfare Council has also sent a representation to the President of India in this regard asking her to ensure justice to the boy.
At present to no avail, Parmjit Singh patiently awaits his sons return

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Actually in the ARAB COUNTRIES..Sikhs have absolutely NO PROTECTION whatsoever.
Its best that he return home asap..if anything further happens to him..no one will care..not the Indian Embassy nor anyone else. The Arabs are fanatic Muslims with no regard for anyone else. Filipini Maoids have been behaded for fighting rape, sri lankan maids face torture and rape..etc etc..the Arab Ciitzen is ALWAYS RIGHT..vs a Foreigner. Thats the LAW.
{censored}:mad: when they interview him, they should have asked if he was comfortable instead of calling him there and then making him go through hell. I dont think the indian authorities take these things seriously.

A cousin of mine was also discriminated years ago and was fixed up with false charges there. He was let free on a ransom of 7,00,000 indian rupees.


The Guru stands by Harshdeep Singh & all such pyaarey !! :wah::wah:
It is a battle that many Sikhs have had to fight in foreign lands.. but faith and belief that Guru Sahib Ji would bring them out of this mess, will help them cross the ocean...

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