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Sikh News Sikh Police Cadet Ordered To Shave Off Beard (CBS 13 Sacramento)

Sep 20, 2004
A lesson in religious tolerance is playing out in Yuba city after 19-year-old Harvir Singh Uppal was initially told he would have to shave his beard if he wanted to be a police department cadet. More Local News


Vikram singh

Feb 25, 2005
Theres so many sikhs that live around yuba city but they dont know about the sikhs who are living there for a couple of centuries. The police department should know about sikhism before they make rules
Feb 15, 2006
It's a game. They pretend their fair and you have a chance, but you don't. They know exactly who we are.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi was right about America. It's better for Sikhs to get independant and start their own business. And it's better for families to stay close and keep kids together in schools. Bullies will torment one lone person. But they won't mess with 10 little Singhs/Singhnis. No way.

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