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General Sikh Photo On An Article About Arabs?

Nov 21, 2006
Dear Members

Guru Fateh

Zakaria: How Homeland Security Harms U.S. Image, Economy - Newsweek International Editions - MSNBC.com

I wanted to bring everyone's attention to this article by Newsweek int'l editor Indian Born Fareed Zakaria. The article is about the difficulty Arabs & Muslims have when entering the USA or applying for Visas. Mr. Zakaria should know better but, he has put a photo of a Sikh Gentleman on page 40 of this week's USA Edition. The article is not about Sikhs or Indians at all but about Arabs. The photo in the Magazine version is smaller and the Sikh w/ the red pagri is focused on that picture; slightly different than the photo on the website above.

My personal experience with Law enforcement at Airports/immigration is that they are least bothered by the appearance of a Sikh. However, this photo perpetuates stereotypes of Islamophobes in the American population thinking Sikhs are staunch Muslims.

I think we should all write to Mr. Zakaria. He is born in Bombay and should know better.

His email is comments@fareedzakaria.com

Guldeep Singh, Franklin Lakes, NJ



Jan 25, 2007
Typical bull. What a farce. Well everyone on this forum should e mail MSNBC every day from now till the end of next week regarding this irony. And if you do not, well that is all the more reason we as Sikhs will continue to suffer.

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