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General Sikh Philosophy & Poetry - Inspired By Maskin Ji


Apr 19, 2008
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.

I often write poems. I have composed more than 2000 poems till date.
Some of my poems are as under:

I wish to write
The words of my heart,
The cause of its beats
The delicacy of thoughts.
* * * * *

A million reasons
Still to know,
The beats of heart
The sound that flows.
* * * * *

I lit a candle in solitude
With it I lit my dreams,
True, I saw a miracle real
My childhood smiling at my youth.
* * * * *

As drops in river
So do desires in mind,
Rise and succeed
On the command of time.
* * * * *

In the sweat with time
In the pain, Divine
We remember you
To forget life.
* * * * *

Never mind the heat of sun
Joys will come.
* * * * *

Tears wipe pain from my face
Not strength from my heart.
* * * * *

Tears are tiny drops of pain
In the ocean of ever flowing joys.
* * * * *

To the temple she goes with tears in
From the temple she comes with
smiling pride.
* * * * *

Faith never cries
It's doubt that sheds tears.
* * * * *

In the magnitude of what exists
There is nothing in infinity
And infinity in nothing.
* * * * *

Near the fruity tree lies his grave,
He who died for a loaf of bread.
* * * * *

Written by – Ekta K. Kalra

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.
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Feb 25, 2008
Ekta Kaur ji

After being inspired by Maskin ji, you penned down poetry and put an ad kind of post on this site to do what? Forgive me. Gursikhs do not need Maskin Ji or any kachi bani to have spiritual guidance. If really you feel good to be a Sikh, place your poems free on Namjap Ji's post"Poetry Corner". Maskin ji didnt inspire you not to make money on spiritual talks as advocated by Guru Nanak ji. Serve the sangat, put it on "poetry Corner" Thanks.


ਨਾਮ ਤੇਰੇ ਕੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਲਗਾਈ (Previously namjap)
Jul 14, 2007
Ekta Kaur Ji,

PK70 Ji might have had a rough day today to write those kind of comments. But a poet never gets offended instead I would use these emotions and include them in my next poetry.

Ekta Kaur Ji, if you browse into PK70's other posts, you will definitely have a higher impression about him. The moment you created this thread, I quickly posted your poetry at Poetry Corner on the very same day.

Moderators of SPN have decided that your initial post can stay eventhough we do not encourage commercial advertising.

All commercial matters, however, have to take another route - via PM only.


Feb 25, 2008
Ekta kaur ji and namjap Ji
I apologize if my word sounded harsh. I didnt mean to discourage poetry writing, post was a kind of direct commercial type with discriminating views like give $10 of to those only who have last name Singh or kaur, that is not Sikhi spirit. Also when any thing attached to NAAM to make money, it just saddens me, Guru Nanak says"Dhrig tinah ka jiv jo likh likh veche NAON"
Many did and are doing it, literally their aim is to make money. Maskeen ji's reference made me think that poems are sold in the context of God and Soul. So I wanted that kind of stuff on a special thread you have made and to avoid direct commercializing it like" get $10... only for ...Singh ..or Kaur.."
After having said so, still I am sorry if any way I hurt her or any one's feelings by commenting on her post.

After having said

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