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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
DG has been one of the Guru Khalsa Panth’s “accepted” Granths… albeit with a pinch of salt. There are others… Sarb loh Granth is one… Suraj Paraksh Granth is another. The Nitnem Banis and Banis recited at Amrit Sanskaar are from DG… and MOST Sikhs accept them as per Rehat Maryada ordained by the Akal Takhat… even though there is no irrefutable evidence based on Rehitnamahs or other contemporary historical accounts as to the NAMED BANIS Guru ji recited in 1699… and on the other side of the spectrum… a few Jathas accept DG in Toto… including the Chirtarpakhoyan Hikayats etc.

A small minority of Sikhs have begun to question and reject the DG in toto – including the nitnem Banis... this position was hardened possibly due to the opposing side, who wants the entire DG including the highly controversial parts accepted in toto. BOTH sides have been arguing and presenting historical evidence and both sides have their Die hard believers. As soon as one side began to insist on ALL or Nothing… the opposing side visibly hardened its stand… and chose NOTHING. This section of the Guru Khalsa Panth now even wants the First pauree of Ardaas removed as it is extracted from Chandi di Vaar, which is part of DG. The Faridabad Sikhs were the pioneers in this action and the Gurudwara in Finland is the first in the Diaspora to take this drastic step to change Pritham Bhagauti simar ke to Pritham AKAL PURAKH simar ke... and other changes. It is clear the position is slipping out of the hands of the Panth and its time the SGPC/Akal takhat/Other Takhats took a serious view of this deteriorating situation and take remedial actions as soon as possible.

To the uninitiated it may look like the following scenario… just as there is a long line of Dehdharee “Gurus” lined up AFTER Guru Gobind Singh Ji… and there is a fantastic fairy tale type of “history” created to strengthen this… and we have Guru No. 11, Guru No. 12, Guru No. 13, Guru No. 14… and so on… and branches of several “living Gurus”…

Now, this scenario seems to have spread to SGGS as well….slowly a line of “Granths” is being lined up in a queue behind SGGS… the First in the Queue pushing and shoving… to get ahead or PARALLEL… to SGGS… is DG… variously called by names Bachittar Naatak Granth ( Internal evidence shows at several places it is written... Here ends the Bachittar natak Granth) At Two Takhats – Hazoor Sahib and Patna Sahib… and at several Dera places in Punjab this Granth is in Paraksh parallel to SGGS or in a “appropriate lesser position”… But still in the same DARBAR… One Sect/Jatha even Names the Three Main Granths similar names… AAD Darbar, DG Darbar, and Sarb loh Darbar – Having conspicuously REMOVED the Title GURU from SGGS… and elevated the other two to a Parallel Position. A Fateh Divas was celebrated for DG in the same manner the 400th Anniversary of Gurgadee Diharra of SGGS was celebrated. In fact, the DRASTIC DROP in attendance at the 400th anniversary celebration at Hazoor Sahib… was due to the insistence of the Takhat Authorities to not heed the call to “temporarily” remove the Parkash/stop Parkash of DG so that the FULL ATTENTION AND RESPECT of all in the Guru Khalsa Panth could be given to SGGS UNRESERVEDLY as was the Practice of Guru Gobind Singh ji in October 1708, when GURGADEE was ONLY given to SOLELY SGGS and NO OTHER Granth was parallel to paraksh of SGGS. (DG came very much later after Sachkhand Piana of Guru Gobind Singh ji). The Takhat Authorities failed to heed this call and hence a large number of Sikhs absented themselves from paying obeisance at Hazoor Sahib in Oct 2008... a Huge LOSS !!

This is the position of DG vis-a-vis SGGS at present. The Jury is still OUT as to whether the Entire DG is Guru Kirt (Handwritten Work)... and if not what Banis are Guru Kirt and which ones not. Both sides have PHD Scholars and academicians, web sites, Forums and Internet sites presenting their side of the “facts”… And so far NO DECISION on DG has been arrived at that is binding on anyone/all.

This decision can only be arrived at by consensus... as Gurbani declares... Gurmukhs sit down and discuss… listen to all arguments, weigh them all, seek answers from everyone… and once a DECISION UNANIMOUSLY ARRIVED AT is declared... all accept it unreservedly.

NO one Group/Jatha/individual can “cry wolf”… (slander) and expect the other side to just give up or desist… this being the 21st Century, 3rd Millennium, Age of IT, Internet, Vast Resources available at the finger tips of even a child, Age of Science and REASONING/LOGIC… no one sided “Decision/Blind faith/Shardha/etc will be bought by any except the brainwashed/pakka adherents/solidly wish-washy ones. There will be such types in the region of about 10% on BOTH sides... its the 80% MIDDLE GROUND/Fence Sitters that have to be Fully CONVINCED...

SPN Forum is in the Forefront of those, who are on Middle Ground… the Fence sitters... who are looking earnestly at BOTH SIDES of the DG DIVIDE... to “convince” and win them over.

SPN is one Forum/Research resource on Gurmatt/Sikhi that is very widely accessed by Sikhs and Non-Sikhs alike – SPN's membership extends across race, national boundaries, economic status, Economic divide, religious groups, social groups… and is truly MULTI-NATIONAL… stretching across continents… with a membership exceeding 10,000 and over 112,000 postings and a plethora of well written researched scholarly articles on DG, SGGS, Sikh history, and various related subjects… it is to the advantage of anyone to NOT Cast wild allegations, unfounded and baseless UNTRUTHS, etc. SPN is one place that provides a balanced view of Sikhism/Gurmat and it will stay that way… regardless of individual jealousies and DON QUIXOTIC Attempts at slashing at SPN windmills (imaginary Dragons).

The SGGS is ACCEPTED BY ALL SIKHS as the One and ONLY GURU. No one has any doubts about the SGGS… and NO SIKH should even dare to question/suggest questioning the SGGS on any pretext… on this SPN stands FIRMLY BEHIND SGGS...
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