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UK Sikh Pensioner Who Was Attacked In City Centre Dies


1947-2014 (Archived)
Sikh pensioner who was attacked in city centre dies

By Steve Carpenter


AN ELDERLY Sikh man who was assaulted in the city centre back in August has died in hospital.

Mr Joginder Singh, 80, from Canley, was admitted to hospital following a brutal attack in Trinity Street on August 10.

The incident was captured on a mobile phone and sparked outrage online after showing teenager Coral Millerchip kicking out and hitting Mr Singh, knocking him to the ground and causing his turban to fall off.

The shocking clip also seemed to show the girl spit at him as he lay dazed on the ground before walking off with a group of youths as someone went to her victim’s aid.

Mr Singh was discharged from the hospital and later re-admitted for a diagnosed illness which he was being treated for until his death on November 3.

A post mortem examination was conducted on Monday (November 4) to establish a cause of death.

But the results were inconclusive and further tests will now be conducted over the coming weeks.

Millerchip, 19, pleaded guilty to assaulting the pensioner causing him actual bodily harm and was due to appear in court later this month for sentencing.

But due to Mr Singh’s death detectives have notified the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and will await a decision over what further steps may need to be taken. It is now highly likely Millerchip’s sentencing will be adjourned until early 2014.

“At this stage it is unclear if that is directly connected with the assault,” said Detective Chief Inspector Matt Markham, from Coventry CID.

“Our thoughts remain with the family and those affected by Mr Singh’s death and we will continue to work with CPS and the coroner to establish the cause of death.

“Specialist family liaison police officers have been appointed to liaise with Mr Singh’s next of kin and we will continue to support the family at this sad time.”


waheguru jee ka khalsa
waheguru jee ke fateh

i read this news yesterday and it make me really sad..i was asking myself why a sikh always get something like that ..why ....and today i come on conclusion its our fault ..we do prachar only in gurdwaras ...it mean if you wanna know about sikhi come to gurdwara ..no street pachar ...no literature....nothing 99.99 per sikh cleanshaven ,trim beard ,with caps soo on .respect for muslim parents who teach there kids about religion ,but our institutions busy in confusing sikh everyday with new thing ...other religions think how to grow and we are busy in should we eat veg or non veg,doing soo and soo number of path IS IT NOT TOO CONFUSING ..koi kehnda ya jee nanaksar samparda ya ,koi taksali atey koi akand kirtni ...AND WHERE IS SIKH huuummm ..guru nanak never said merey jaan to bad samparda bna lyoo and if he said then 9 more are to come funny..every religion have a identity all people know it but very littel people know about sikhs and everybody say panth is in charde kla ..but its not ..its merging in mainstream,,nyarapan :blueturban:is on decline ......sorry jey mey emotions ch kuch jada bol gya ,,bhul chuk maf