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Leisure Sikh Pen Pals!

Jul 14, 2011
Hello All!
In the age of impersonal technology, letter writing has gone to the wayside. I am a big fan of handwritten letters and have a few Pen Pals around the world, which has been enjoyable and enriching. This thread is a place where SPN people can post their name if they would like to receive letters from other people here at the site.

Please post ONLY YOUR USERNAME( username) and if possible a little biography.


Lets give this a try then see what happens! :singhbhangra:

A little about me: I am a geology student in West Texas, who loves being outdoors. I enjoying reading about anything and everything related to science, history, philosophy, politics, religion, etc. A lot of people think I am old fashioned for a 20 year old, because I place a high value on honor and integrity. I love to travel! So far my only international travel has been to Mexico. I would love to have a Pen Pal in India, maybe with someone, such as an SPNer's friend, who would like to practice English. I also would love any Sikh Pen Pal who would be interested in discussing Sikhi with someone who is on the path to the Khalsa. Thanks!
Nov 25, 2012
In reply to your post about Pen Pals, I feel it's a very good idea.
I in fact was looking around on the net for people who are on the path of becoming a Khalsa, or are already there.

I would love to become a Pen Pal too

Something about me:
I love to read!!! (just like you do!) I love to read alot, dance alot, travel alot, and listen to music alot, and yes!! EAT :D !!! People do at times think me to be much more mature and different from people my age, but then I guess that's me.... :mundabhangra:
I sincerely hope to meet some awesome people here....
Awaiting a reply.....
Till then,
Take care.:happykudi:

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