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India Sikh Outfit Appeals EC To Stop "misuse" Of Religious Places

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
"We have written a letter to Chief Election Commissioner asking him to direct the state election authorities to stop the political parties from addressing people who assemble at religious places purely for religious purposes.”

"Any violation in this regard is a violation of Model Code of Conduct and as such necessary action warranted under law should be taken," All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee
(APSCC) said in a statement in Srinagar.

The statement said in the past many political parties through their "sycophants" have managed to enter Gurdwaras and deliver political speeches even though the occasion and stage was not meant for that.

It asked the people to be vigilant against the politicians who might use or facilitate the usage of religious space for political reasons more so while seeking votes.

"Political parties who have exploited Sikhs for their benefit deserve no sympathy whatsoever from the community members," the release said.

"We have raised the issues being faced by Sikh community with the state government including chief minister many times but the government has always turned a deaf ear to the issues.

"The all important demand of granting the minority status to Sikhs by extending National Commission for Minority Act has been kept in back burner by the state government despite the fact the community members are facing huge hardships," the release said.

Reiterating that Sikhs have been asked to put their votes on hold until some decision is taken by the community leaders, the release, however, said directions have already been issued to the community members that they should not vote in favour of candidates of ruling coalition in the state.


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